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I just want to say thank you for all the help everyone has gave me and adive/tips etc. I just realized i just gave up and broke down. Im 21 years old with mild/moderate usually worse acne. Not cysts really, but just stubborn pimples that are usually very hideaous looking just not small but all red around the area. I tried everything or many things i should say. Proactiv, 100 differnt cleansers etc.

I just keep still breaking out. I eat pretty well, I drank alot of water a day 1 gallon max, i wash just 2 times a day with purpose mositurizing cleaners and bp on the spots of the acne. It just never seem to go away. IT gets better and then the same spot starts to get worse again. once that is better some more come. I never ever win. I dont think there has ever been a day since i was 12 that i looked in the mirror and didnt see acne. I think that is so sad very sad.

I just dont know what to do anymore. I know my case is accutante material and wouldnt ever think of taking that for all the side affects. I never been to a dermatoligist casue i hear there very expensive.

I never gave up on anything before in my life. Im the type of person who alwaays want to be the best and very competitive. it seems i never have one a round with acne though in 10 years about. Never one day think about it, in 10 years where i can have good acne free skin. That is so sick and depressing to me.

I know many of you can even have worse acne then me, and are saying "why is he complaining it is severe acne"? Well first off if it is 5 spots or 10 it still makes u feel bad, and i have another problem. Overall im a nervous type guy of how people percieve me. im very self consious, shy, and always worried about my looks and never think of myself as a good looking person overall. Some say im good looking, but whatever the fact is that acne just makes me feel 100 times worse.

I dont know what to do anymore

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