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Re: Yasmin Journal
Dec 24, 2002
Thanks heaps for the info Heartsicle, much appreciated. I've been on Diane for about a year now and its worked pretty well for me apart from a few cysts here and there, so dont worry you're not scaring me off using it =). I've noticed that Diane probably does worsen my moods though, for example if I'm depressed, it accentuates it so that I get really really upset. However its hard to tell whether thats just me or the pill... Tell me how Yasmin affects your moods as you progress thru the month please.
Also did you experience much weight gain with Diane? Or now with Yasmin?
Re: Yasmin Journal
Dec 24, 2002
Day 3

It's too early to say if Yasmin is making me gain/lose weight. And I was only on Diane for two months. If I remember correctly, most every birth control I've been on has made me feel bloated. Also, I've started running frequently so I can't say if Yasmin is the culprit for my weight loss (I can finally fit into the jeans I wore when I was 16! Yay!) but from what I have read, Yasmin is supposed to be a diuretic, which means women who have had problems with water retention/bloatedness on the pill should see a relief of these types of symptoms. In fact, some women have reported weight LOSS on Yasmin.

Also, birth controls have made my boobs BALLOON! Not a bad thing, but that's usually where all the weight goes. This is only day three on Yasmin, so we'll see how things go.

So far, I haven't really felt anything significantly "birth control-y". Thankfully I didn't wake up nauseated this morning, and hopefully it'll stay that way.

Keep the questions coming! Hormones are scary and it's nice to be informed and know other ladies out there are going through the same thing.

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