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MD products are good, and pretty strong for OTC. Their FORTE line is even stronger and their strongest percentage (which is either 15% or 20%) USED to only be available through the doctor's office. Now you can get it online. It's $50 for a small jar, but it's worth it. I did their whole face care years ago with in-office peels in conjunction with skin care, and my BF back then commented on my skin.

Now, like 15 years and more acne and breakouts later, I tried to use it again. And my husband commented on my skin and how great it looked. So I figure, if this stuff gets the men in your life commenting on your skin, (when they don't normally), it's gotta be good stuff. And it really does work great! You can't get anything stronger, I don't think, w/o going through a series of visits with a doctor first.

As for scars, I have some pitting scars that are left over from a car accident and glass chunks (which I still occasionally pull out of my face and scalp), hive reactions, and acne. I don't think anything gets rid of THIS type of non-superficial scarring unless I do dermabrasion or laser resurfacing, -- I guess that's the next step.

But for regular care, I'd STRONGLY recommend MD FORTE with GLYCOLIC ACID. I've also had really good luck with, believe it or not, Oil of Olay AHA products!

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