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For a moment forget everything doctors have told you about why acne forms. They say foods don't cause it and it's all hormonal blah blah blah.

Let's get right down to it. In your small intestines you have a bunch of friendly bacteria that cling to the wall doing all kinds of wonderful things for you. They produce B vitamins, keep bad yeast from growing out of control, and protect you from the inside. They are your friend! Why? Because if they are there, attached and growing in you you will and should have your greatest health--which includes a face with color and being zitless!(I know because I go here sometimes).

Some people, like us, have a gut lining that can easily be injured. When it is irritated the friendly bacteria may die! They can't live properly on a irritated gut lining. And when it's irritated it become porus. The cells widen and food particals that normally shouldn't be getting through into the blood do! Food sensitivities and allergies can then form as your immune system tries to attack these particals. This is called Leaky Gut Syndrome. or LGS. Your liver has to then filter this junk out. Guess where it deposites the overflow of junk? In the biggest organ in the body--the skin. And since we have more oil glands in our faces and shoulders that's where it like to go.

THEN! at this point if you indulge in sweets often a dangerous fungus can be transformed from it's harmell state of yeast. You see, you have a certain yeast that lives in you that is kept in check by the good bacteria. But if the good bacteria are gone the yeast turn into Candida Albicana in the fungus form. They are still called Candida Albican in the yeast form too. These nasty things grip onto your intestine wall and do nothing but bad things. They keep you in a sickened zitty state for as long as they are flourishing. They take up all the room so the good bacteria have no where to grip hold and grow! The toxins and waste go right into your blood. They make the area even more porus and more food gets into the blood. It's not a good state of health to be in.

So do some research on Candida and or Leaky gut. The drugs that many of you take and get worse or no change can harm the tender gut lining by killing the good bacteria. Remember antibiotics kill bacteria and don't care about killing the good ones in your intestines. You need them the good ones! Because if you had enough of them right now you wouldn't have acne.

I am in a healing process for over two years now. I get well and healthy, look great, then I get sick again usually from drinking alcohol. When I get sick I get acne, lose weight, and all my personality traits come back with it like depression and anti-social behavors. But when I'm well I think clearly, look great, gain weight and women can't keep their hands off me. It's just the oposite with women when I'm sick--they can't wait to get away from me.

When I heal it goes like this. My zits stop being deep and are closer to the surface. Then they stop. But I still have oil in my pores that I can squeeze out. Then that slowly goes away and then my face gets color again. Any dandruff I had it gone long ago too. Once well I can drink lactose free milk and I'm a healthy person then. Feeding all those nice little bacteria. Whoo hoo!

But when I'm sick I can't touch milk and my food choices slender way down. I become tired, depressed and zit proned. It takes a year or longer to heal.

I hope this information helps you becasue I know it can. It helped me. It's my wisdom I've gained through my life concering acne. Acne didn't ruin my life, but having a leaky gut and candida did. Acne is a symptom to the distressed state the body is in. It's a sign telling you something is wrong. It's your body saying "I'm sick on the inside". Help it heal then it will repay you.


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