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I promised I would post my results after my peel which I did last week during Thanksgiving break. I did the Peel 4000. I still have active acne (age 32) and it seems it has been getting worse and worse each year since age 20. I mostly get cysts along my jawline and few pimples on cheeks. Forehead completly clear. My scaring is on cheeks and jawline of course---real bumpy and very uneven everywhere. My pores were getting HUGE on cheeks which was what was really bothering me the most. After this whole process I can honestly say I'm glad I did this peel. The condition of my skin is terrible and I will probably need to do 2 more peels to get the kind of skin I can live with. Overall, my pores are much smaller on cheeks--but not completely gone. I would say my scarring is about 30%better. I still have some sun damage on left cheek but overall my skin is more even in tone. Also after a couple of days, it seems the skin keeps getting better and better (it could be my imagination). I went into complete hibernation for the week. You can't wear make-up while doing this and there was no way I was going to see anyone without wearing make-up. It took about 8 days to finish most of the peel. Forehead took the longest (10 days) but I just put moisturizer on and it looked fine. Immediately following the peel I was a little dissapointed - I saw improvement but really wanted to see perfect skin but it seems the skin gets better and better and overall I am happy I did it. My boyfriend said there definitely was improvement in the smoothness of my cheeks-and he swears he wouldn't lie to me. Anyway, here's how my week went:
Day 1 (Saturday)
PM--I'm a little nervous but very much looking forward to what I hope will help my face. Wash face with soap and water, wait 5 min. Apply the brown sticky and stinky stuff with applicator (large popsicle stick). Hard at first but think the warmth from face helps soften stuff. In 5 minutes face starts to warm up and tingle- but it is bearable. I leave on for 2 hours (not 90 minutes like directions say) and just wipe off with tissue.
Day 2 (Sunday)
AM-- Rinse face with warm water then cold water (no soap). FAce looks about the same- a little darker and greasy looking. FAce feels tender like a bad sunburn. I wouldn't want anyone to see me today because I can't wear make-up and my red marks look very irritated. During day redness subsides.
PM-- Rinse face with cold water, apply 2nd application. Feel nothing for 5 minutes then all of a sudden EXTREMELY hot stinging/warm sensation. I have to stand in front of fan for 20 minutes to be able to bear it. IT REALLY was hot! But I'm sort of happy because I know that means I will get a good peel! After 2 hrs. wipe with tissue, Face bright red and tender. Can't see red marks because the entire face is same color!
Day 3 (Monday)
AM--Rinse with warm/cold water. Face only slightly red. Starting to feel tight around mouth and nose. 2 very small whiteheads on chin ( I go ahead and break them- no big deal). A little skin flaking around nostrils. Some skin starting to look shiny and plastic-like. During day definitely peeling around nose now and creases around mouth. Hard to not touch but I am being good.
PM-- Rinse face with cold water. Apply 3rd application. Face stills burns after application but not as bad as last night. Leave on for 2 hrs. Wipe with tissue. It's hard not to pull the peeling skin off while wiping with tissue. Face slightly red but now big areas peeling around mouth and nose. Is this too soon? I still have one more application to go! Face feels tingly and tender
Day 4 (Tuesday)
AM-- Rinse face with warm/cold water. Big pieces of skin peeling around mouth, chin, and nose. Skin starting to break on check around old blemishes. Face isn't tender- just tight feeling. During day I start to worry my skin is peeling too soon and call SKin Culture cust. service to make sure it is still ok to put last application on the new peeled skin. I got right through and the representative said it was absolutley ok to put the last application on exactly as I'd been doing before. It is so hard not to peel skin!
PM-- Same as before. Skin still burns when putting on application. I am SO GLAD this is the last time! I think the stuff has been giving me headaches. After wiping with tissue, I noticed the peeled area more pink than rest of face.
DAY 5 ( Wednesday)
AM-- Rinse face with warm/cold water. Skin around mouth and nose stopped peeling-am more flaking now. During day bits of skin sticking out but not peeling. I'm sort of glad. I was worried I was peeling too soon.
PM-- Time to put on Normalizer cream. Instructions say nothing of rinsing face so I don't. Cream looks like white cake icing. It's greasy but feels so good on tight skin. I sort of massage it in and leave on for 90 minutes--wipe off with tissue. Flaking skin around mouth is softened.
Day 6 (Thursday)
AM--woke up and looked like I am 100 years old! Skin around eyes and cheeks have lines that look like rivers could run through. During day skin feels itchy and dry so I put some more Normalizer cream on but wipe off in 30 minutes.
PM-- Apply cream for 90 minutes like night before. Some skin comes off while wiping off. Skin is flaking but not peeling as fast as I would like. Small peeled area under right eye looks and feels so smooth. Hope rest of face will end up looking this good.
Day 7 (Friday)
AM--No real change. Skin on upper neck very flaky but nothing really coming off. Skin around eyes and hairline flaking also. Nothing on forehead yet. I email Skin Culture and ask if applying Normalizer cream with help speed up the peeling process. They say go ahead and put on during day as well.
PM--Apply Normalizer cream as before-leave on for 90 minutes and wipe off.

For next day, skin continuing to peel. I have to admit, I would rub on skin with dry washcloth to help loosen peeling skin. I probably shouldn't have done that but luckily didn't do any damage. Most skin was peeled off by Day 8. Finally washed face with soap and felt so good! AND it feels good to go out in public again! It was a very long time to be in hibernation and I will not lie-- it was not fun and hoped with all this trouble, new skin would look much better. But I guess my face is worse than i thought and need to do this a couple times more or try another process. Overall I am glad I did this. Hope this helps some of you. Let me know if you have any questions.

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