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For Beat_acne. If youre skin is looking good and you can see it getting progressively better my advice would be to stay away from any Clycolic Acid Peel. They are EXTREMELY irritating and can spoil your skin. You may want to try an AHA OTC cream which would help speed up exfoliation but wouldnt damage your skin. Im telling you, i dont know what your skin type is, but if its sensitive an AHA peel will do you no good, believe me. I've never had an AHA peel but i tried the strongest OTC i found, a 25%, and it literally left my skin raw for a week and gave me NO beneficial results at all. Just my two cents. Trying to save you from yourself. Hope you dont mind me butting in like this, but please, whatever yuo do, reconsider the AHA thingy, particularly if your skin is now doing so well.

I did the Skin Culture peel (as i think everyone on here knows by now, lol) and i had wonderful results in a week with no left over irritation or anything. Like i said the AHA did nothing for me BUT irritate.

For Ang.

Any home peel you suggest to a derm they're gonna either say they've never heard about it or they're gonna say its dangerous or not a good idea. Of course they are, it's putting them out of business.

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