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Hey Joe,

I have really lost count of how many Lactic Peels Iíve done to tell you the truth. I just did another one Saturday night to keep up with my new skin.

I would not worry about doing a patch test with the Lactic Acid. It is very gentle; you probably will not even notice any peeling at all. It sloughs off the dead skin and debris without the noticeable peeling.

On my Lactic Acid it says to use the pH solution before and after the peel. Although, sometimes I donít use the pH after and just use my regular toner.

I usually use cool water to wash and rinse. Not to cold or not to warm.

I am bad about putting on stuff heavy. My Lactic Acid is kind of thick so I use my finger tips and apply it all over my face. Just put enough to cover your face. I usually put extra on my problem spots.

I know a lot of cleansers and stuff contains the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, etc.. That is why I suggested to you, to cleanse either with the Purpose Facial Bar or the Neutrogena Original Transparent Facial Bar. I think it was you, I suggested this too?

Both of those cleansers are soap free. Those ingredients (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, etc.) will leave a film on your skin and the peel might not work as good. My favorite cleanser of the two is the Neutrogena because it rinses off better, wonít clog pores, and is less drying than the Purpose.

Go ahead and do a peel tonight, I know you are excited to do one. Just donít leave it on for the full amount of time with your first peel. Do your first peel with the lowest amount of time it suggests on your instructions. It is gentle, so I would not worry about the patch test at all!!

What percent Lactic Acid did you buy? I have the 40% and I can do a peel two times a week if I want to.

Let us know.

Today is the Tomorrow You Worried About Yesterday...
Tif :)

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