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Ok it sounds odd but i hear soooo many people talking on here about how they get 1 big zit on their nose or a few little blackheads on their nose or forehead and to me it doesnt sound like acne just a few pimples. i dont know how bad my acne is, i dont seem to get many zits just rough red skin with red spots that dont often stick out and occasionally a few painful deep red ones. anyway i was wondering how it compares to other peoples, is my acne severe because i never thought it could be till now. the only area im really affected is all round my mouth and basically areas where i would shave normally though ive stopped shaving for a bit. this area is always slightly redder than the rest of my face and sometimes like in the cold gets really red and emarrassing. does anyone else have a similar type of acne? i'd much rather get a big zit on my nose if the rest of my face looked good, my complexion must be so bad compared to alot of you. Ive been on tetracycline, eythromycin, retin-A. i cant really wash my face or use any anti-acne face cream because it just makes my skin even redder. any suggestions? ty

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