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Not that many of you will listen, but it's only CERTAIN carbs. There's several ways you can approach the "no sugar" in your diet theory, such as, by dropping the Lectins, Grains, Gluten, Processed Foods/Grains, or extra Sugar (in decreasing order of restrictiveness). If you do this CORRECTLY, your skin will thank you for it. Feel free to eat all the Vegetables, Fruits, meats, poultry, fish, dairy, nuts, and beans (depends on your "lifestyle change") that you want.

I'm on the Gluten-Free diet and low problem lectins (no peanuts, cashews, or raw tomatos) diet. I consume mostly Organic Milk (and other organic foods when I can afford it), WATER (90% of the time), 100% Fruit Juice, and GF substitute foods when I want some Pasta, a Muffin or a Sandwhich. I still eat White and Brown Rice, Corn, and Potatos as my main grain staples (there are others available). So that means...popcorn, fries, Tacos ;-) Anyway, I've been doing this for 6 months now and I'm amazed at what a difference this (the Gluten Free/Lectins diet) has on my skin.

Heck, you May Not even have to go Organic (didn't make a difference to my skin alone) and I still eat chips, GF cookies, ice cream, chocolate, etc (not as often as I used to) and my skin is looking better than ever (better than on antibiotics)! Less hyperpigmention, less topicals to apply on my skin, heals MUCH faster. When I do breakout it's maybe 1 or 2 small bumps/pimples a week and rarely do I get cystic acne now. Of course, if you "unknowingly "cheat", a few days later you may notice a cyst... [haven't cared enough to actually bother stressing over it..why???]

I know it's seems hard to believe, but I really don't crave for "traditional" breads. I think about stuff I used to eat, and sorta smile and move on. Heck I've had nearly 22 years with all of that stuff, I can go 22 without it. When I eat the substitutes they are comparable and sometimes taste BETTER than the "old" stuff ;-) So start slow....maybe try eliminating all Processed Foods (most tv dinners, canned food, fast food) and eat only dried fruit (as your candy) and drink 100% fruit juice. Being in H.S. definately makes this a challenge but there are kids with diseases that MUST avoid these foods or others and they survived. If you are worried about having imbalanced meals (not a problem as long as you eat from the other food groups) then add a Multivitamin and you'll be covered.

As you can see, I still eat some "junk" on this diet and maybe that's why I'm only at least 95% clear ALL over(scalp, face, neck, arms, chest). Heck, my skin seems to get clearer everyday, so I'm happy =). In fact, even my Endocrinologist complemented my skin for the first time ever!

Yet, what makes me kinda sad is that I've used prescription topicals, antibiotics, BC, Spiro and Avandia through the years (acne for past 16 years and I'm 22) and this is ALL I had to do ?!? I'm still taking 150mg of Spiro and occasionally Fish Oils and that's it. For 3 years I took Spiro at 200mg and it couldn't do this, nor could Avandia or BC, so...what else could it be???

If you have any further doubts, please ask me or one of the other successes (the numbers are growing). =)

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