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My experience with facials can be described in one word HORRIBLE. Most of them just want you to spend money and they have ALWAYS tried to make me feel bad about myself so that they can sell me the particular line of products that they keep in their salons. Specifically:
1) I have also found extraction to be very damaging to the skin, causing a lot of marks and sometimes scars.
2) You can't always trust that the equipment they use is clean (particularly extractions)
3)You can do everything done in a facial at home - i.e. a)cleanse b) steam c)exfoliate (scrub)d)mask e)cool face with cold towel - this is basically the process I have observed. Instead of spending $50 for this every month, why not buy a facial sauna and do it every week?
4) A facial is only dealing with artificial acne - why not try treat it from the source?

Bottom line - your best bet is a dermatologist or even a regular doctor. If you are not against antibiotics, I would say the best option between now and May 2003 is go on antibiotics (most work really well - doxycline has got high reviews on this board)and then use mark-clearing products as your acne subsides.

PS: You can do a session of microdermabrasion and a professional facial just before the wedding - but don't allow them to extract! And congratulations on your wedding - either way, you'll still look great.

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