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I feel bad for anyone or can feel their pain and angerment with acne. I keep seeing all these posts with dont eat bread, carrots, this and that. i hope many of you dont buy into this idea cause your most likely doing more harm then good. Your cutting out some of the most important food source of your daily intake. Many say food has no affect, some say it does somewhat, and others say it does. What does this tell me? This tells me that no one really knows the right answer to the cure or prevention of acne. Can that many people really be allegeric to simples starches of bread etc? I dont think so, but really do you think i know the answer to acne. No and your right, but im just here to help you guys out. I would just eat a well balanced diet, water, and stay healthy and dont worry about every single source of food. YOur just doing more damage by not having a good all around diet and avoiding everything and eating fruits and vegetables and still getting acne. Then you say it must be that fruit or vegetable. Then you eliminate that and next thing you know your drinking liquids all day, not really, but you get the idea.

All around diet, workout a little doesnt hurt, not to many products that aggravate skin, plenty of water, sleep and try to live without to much stress, but we all know that is hard
nj guy

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