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give it a go to proove to yourself it DOES WORK. but at the end of the day, its pointless because you will have to start eating again and your acne WILL come back. Its sad but true, though maybe you could at least improve on your current acne condition by fasting say once a month? i would try it but i find it hard to go for any length of time without food these days.

As for having perfect skin and eating what you like..of course you could, lots of people on here have talked about how they always used to eat junk food and never got acne from it so the food link to acne is false. well of course the food doesnt START the acne, thats called puberty, hormones, whatever, the fact is the food is 'fueling' the growth and worsening condition of your acne, of that there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever. anyone who has any doubts about it should just go 2 days with no food and drink alot of water, preferably with fresh lemon juice squeezed in it and you WILL be amazed by what happens to your skin. Whether or not your skin eventually does get worse again due to LACK of nutrients is another thing all together, you would have to fast for a very long time for that to happen i would think.

I agree with whats been said and feel that if these researches gave a **** they would have simply proven the link by now and be working out WHY the food is petrol for acne. it sucks.


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