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i heard about this mask on the board. most everyone who has used it raves about it.

i have to admit..when i did go to buy it i was reluctant to spend anymore money on another product that wasn't gonna live up to expectation. so i bought the smallest size on the shelf.

i first applied it all over my face and let dry the recommended 15 minutes. i rinsed it off with water, i liked the way it made my skin feel.

on the back of the package it says 'leave on problem areas overnight, if desired' so that night i did just what it said.

i couldn't believe how it zapped what active blemishes i had. after a few nights pimples which i would have normally had for two weeks or more were gone.

now i am hooked, this product has done for me what spot treating with acne meds never has. i no longer use salicylic acid or any such things.

i apply a healthy amount. i wash my face before bed...apply it liberally where needed and when i wake i rinse with warm water and wash lightly to remove it.

another thing that has really helped me is switching to an ultra mild cleanser. i'm using Aveeno moisturizing oatmeal bar. it makes all the difference i swear by it.

i was getting new breakouts every couple days. now i haven't had one in a month. i have massive red marks, but the more days that go by, even they are improving drastically.

i hope that this product works the same magic for you guys.

on another note, completely unrelated to acne...i wanted to say that i love the user name legallyblonde! i only wish that i had thought to use it !!
that movie is one of my favorites, i have the special edition DVD..and this year the sequel comes out. yay!

"now i know that the skin just veils the soul"

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