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actually, my reason for taking the accutane 3 or 4 times per week is for lupus as controls some of the lupus rashes as well as the inflamation. I have tried to stop taking it a few different times and the inflamation and aches as well as the rashes all show up within 1 week. My bloodwork has always been fine to date (including the last one 1 week ago which is the first one since I started taking the spiro.) Also it was my derm that put me on the spiro knowing that I take the accutane to maintain my other condition.....I have noticed dryness that has increased so I have increased my water intake to approx 1 1/2 gal per day..
I don't really want to start taking the yasmin but I may not have a choice because if this doesn't work , I will have to be on the accutane exclusively again for 5 days per week to see any benefit at all.
Because I had a hysterectomy (complete) 4 years ago, it is my dermy's opinion that my body is sensitive to the male homones...which are the ones that I have left. My body does not produce any female hormones anymore. So to intercept the male homones affect on my skin is what I am trying to do......
Honestly the accutane never cleared my completely even on the 5 month daily course, was livable at least. The only reason I even cut down to 5 pills per week and then to 4 per week and so on was because of the fact that I didn't think it was safe to be on it steady, but my dermy has assured me that many others are on it continually for a matter of years, ON THE MAINTENANCE dose of 3 to 4 pills per week and as long as the liver and cbc bloodwork checks will be okay.
I really don't want to stay on it..but with the lupus I have no choice right now.

So my goal is actually to introduce the yasmin and pray it works with the spiro and then be able to lower my intake of both the spiro and the accutane......I am not sure if that is possible b/c of the lupus but I am so sick of dealing with acne on top of everything the way the lupus affects me.
sorry everyone, but sometimes it's easy to just rattle.

Thanks Laur

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