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Found my cure
Jan 9, 2003
Just a little history first - I am in my late 40's and have tried everything - antibiotics, sun-lamps before they knew it causes cancer, Retin-A, birthcontrol pills, Proactive Kit, Murad kit, other kits whose names I have long forgotten, Vitamin therapy, acidophilus, aloe gel, tea-tree oil and every over the counter product ever manufactured. I've had acne since I was 10 years old!

What I've learned - gentle is best! Any products that were drying or exfoliating or scrubbing or vitamin enriched all made my acne worse. I broke out from EVERY acne medication, sunscreen, makeup, moisturizer that I tried with the exception of these products:

1)Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser - dry face with clean towel or tissues.
2)TriMedica MSM lotion used as a moisturizer
3)Clearasil Adult acne medication made with sulphur, no BP - they only make the tinted kind now!
4)Netrogena Clear Pore treatment (salicylic acid) used at night.

These were the products that worked the best although until a year ago, I still had severe acne, especially with my monthly cycle. My skin was so oily that I always had a slick coat of it covering my face and I would blot my face with tissue every time I used the restroom. By the end of the day, I would look 5 years older than when I had clean skin in the morning because the weight of the oil in my skin just dragged it down!

Diet and/or exercise had NO effect on my acne except that sweat would make it worse unless I washed just after exercise.

Hairspray and gel on my hair made acne on my neck worse - made sure to cover my neck area before using hairspray.

1 year ago, I started using Lomalux, 2 pills a day. Within 2 weeks, the oil started going away and within 2 months the acne really started improving - It didn't get worse to start, just gradually improved. After 4 months, most acne and oil was GONE!!! I only get 1 or two little bumps before my period and occasionally a minor cyst. Since using the Lomalux, I do not break out from sunscreen anymore as long as I wash as soon as possible. I can wear face makeup now if I want and I don't break out. My face doesn't sag from all the oil and my hair is not oily either.

I am very happy as I have waited over 35 years to find my cure!

I will continue to read the board following peoples attempts to reduce acne scars as I have a face full of them as well as permanent red marks on my neck! I hope someday to be rid of the scars and to have a smooth complexion for the first time since I was 10! I tried Mederma scar cream for 1 year with no results.

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[This message has been edited by OlderAndWiser (edited 01-09-2003).]

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