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OH man - do I have an acne history!! From the age of 14 until now (I'm 33) - FINALLY I've gotten clear skin and I wanted to share with others who have tried just about everything (like I did) to get rid of acne - this is not an advertisement so read on - I'll name the prescription medications that I use, the lotion, face soap, and vitaman suppliment that really works for me. I had been on all the "cyclene" antibiotics that they make, plus Retin A, and I even have tried Proactive which made my face worse. (I stopped using oral antibiotics as you shouldn't take them for long periods of time due to toxicity to your liver and possible problems with hearing loss) Just to note - I don't really have a change in diet that effected my acne. I have recently cut down on caffine products, I never smoked, and I cut down on the french fry consumption a few years back for weight reasons. Otherwise, I eat whatever tickles my fancy and I'm not a huge water drinker.

Here is my current acne regimen.


After shower (never use body soap on your face in shower), wash face with CETAPHIL soap (white facial BAR ONLY - NOT the pump kind, available at Walgreens in a blue box) - then moisturize sparingly with VITA-K SOLUTION LOTION (this is for blotchy skin with vitamin k to help fade away scars, uneven tone, etc. Can be purchased at Walgreens too in the aisle with lotions & acne treatments) Then apply your makeup but this is the key - TRY TO CUT DOWN ON FOUNDATION CONSUMPTION. I know what your sayin right now.."Come on!! I have bad acne and it NEEDS to be covered or I'm massively embarrassed to go out in public!!" I didn't want to hear it either and I was pissed off at the doctor for scolding me about it, but the truth is that you will NEVER get rid of acne if you cover your face with foundation every morning. It's a vicious cycle - the medicines are trying to help, but the makeup just clogs the skin. Bite the bullet and go for awhile without covering all the zits. Yes, embarrassing for a few months, but it will get your skin clearer in the long run. Also, CUT DOWN ON THE PICKING - this was difficult for me too and it still is. When I have a pimple and it hurts, I want to pop it to make it feel better! Realize that not every pimple can or even needs to be popped. Try to reduce picking and the redness will go away. Now, for makeup I use only a cover stick that looks like a pencil with a shade that matches my skin color. I only apply it to areas that are splotchy looking, then dust Almay powder over my face, and Almay blush. If there is a big huge crusty yucky zit, guess'll look worse covered with crusty yucky foundation so just let it alone and give it air. I take one NIAFOL vitamin tablet with breakfast. (Niafol is a vitamin suppliment by prescription that contains Nicotinamide, Zinc, and Folic Acid. Study's have shown that people with ongoing acne have bodies deficient in Vitamin B and Zinc which this suppliment helps to replenish.)


Wash all makeup off face with the CETAPHIL soap and pat dry. (never rub skin, it will irratate it) Apply pea sized portion of DIFFEREN GEL 0.1% (I only apply it at bedtime)all over face. Then apply pea sized portion of BENZACLIN Topical Gel (this is a topical antibiotic paste that is mixed at the pharmacy but doesn't need refridgeration) especially on break out area's. I was told by my doctor to use this twice a day, but it drys out my skin too badly if I do, so I only use it at night. I take one more NIAFOL tablet before bed. Some nights I have really irritable and dryer feeling skin than on most nights. I can only think that perhaps my hormonal cycle causes this. I simply apply a small amount of the VITA K lotion all over to help with the dryness. I want to state here that my dryness tends to be a "tight feeling" with some very small minor flaking, especially on my neck under my chin. The application of a small amount of Vita K lotion over the medicated skin makes the tightness and flaking go away quick - it stays on over night while you sleep and you wake up with your skin feeling fine and looking. Also, do not put the Vita K lotion on your eyes for moisture. I use eye drops at night (Opticon) and then I slide a tiny amount of eye lubricant (looks sort of like watered down vaseline - available at all drug stores in the eye care section) all around my eyes to moisturize, both before bed and after washing face in the morning before makeup.

This regimen is working extremely well for me, especially the addition of the Niafol tablets which has helped clear the rosecia type redness that I used to experience. In my opinion, the Niafol vitamin suppliment works even better for me than any of the oral antibiotics did. It was a last resort that my doctor mentioned when I decided to get off the oral medicines and I wish he had let me try it sooner. If your doctor tells you to use a certain topical medication a couple times a day and it makes your face hurt, burn, peel and so on, cut back and only use it once a day and see if that helps the situation. Anyone who is interested in trying the medications I take, ask your doctor about Benzaclin, Differen Gel 0.1%, and Niafol Tablets. I struggled for 20 years with cystic acne and these items really worked for me. Hope this can help someone!

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