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My new favorite product is Copper Peptide Serum from Skin Biology. My skin is so soft and smooth and I have no dry skin! I do not have to manually exfoliate at all. All I use is Daily Ritual Cleanser with 2% BHA from Serious Skin Care and the CP Serum. I don't know your routine, but perhaps if you lighten up with acne meds if you use them, your skin will be happier. When I was using benzoyl peroxide and the 2% BHA, I found that I had to hydro-debris (manually exfoliate with water, which is the safest way) every day and my skin was still dry. Now that my routine is simple, but I am still using highly effective products, my skin is getting back to good!!! There is plenty of info on the CP Serum on Skin Biology website. It seriously has been a miracle product for me. It even heals blemishes faster than usual...copper peptides are traditionally used for wound healing.
Alive, exfoliation helps to eliminate acne, because it rids your face of dead skin cells that could otherwise clog your pores and turn into pimples.

My favorite exfoliation products:
* Paula's Choice 1% and 2% BHA solutions
* Skin Biology CP Serum (Though I don't think that this is really an exfoilation product. I think that it is marketed as a "skin-healing" product.)
* Proactive Renewing Cleanser (with microbeads to exfoliate)

I used to use baking soda mixed with my cleanser every morning, but I experienced some irriatation, and I've heard some talk on another board that it alters the pH of your face dramatically, which is not good. I prefer using the Proactive cleanser (with the added benefit of BPO!), which makes my skin super smooth!

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