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I just started Accutane 3 weeks ago for moderate (but serious) cystic acne.

I had done antiobiotics a couple years ago, but obviously my acne came back after the treatment was over.

My dermatologist did not seem very friendly, compassionate, or sympathetic to me or my problems. He saw me for 5 minutes and then ran out. This is why I was reluctant to go revisit him.

As chance would have it, I was signed up for a general physical exam 3 weeks ago. I always liked "regular" doctors - they seem friendly, sympathetic, and will actually spend TIME with you on your health problems.

He offered to prescribe me antibiotics (which I told him I had already taken in the past) or Accutane for my Acne. I took the Accutane. We'll see how it works.

He also sent me a letter telling me to make sure I get my blood work done and to let him know how the Accutane works, and to drink plenty of water, etc. Very friendly.

I honestly do not see what a dermatologist would know about acne that a general practitioner would not. It's not a rare disease...

But yeah, I hate most derms. Seems like the majority of their work is done for rich middle aged women who want to treat stupid things like fine lines and wrinkles, and they forget to care about people who actually suffer from diseases and need proper medical attention.

In the future, if I need to see a dermatologist, the first question I will ask him is if he/she suffered from Acne before. If not, and they seem indifferent to me, I will simply move on. But for the meantime, I will continue to see my "regular" doctor for common ailments.

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