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7 Days TCA Post ĖPeel

The splotches on my chin area have turned about a medium pink (they were very red a few days ago). So they have lightened up since yesterday too; yesterday they were more of a pinkish/red or Hot Pink. The pink splotches on my chin area seem to be drying up and getting somewhat flaky; it kind of feels rough like a rash would feel. Which I think is a good thing. My upper lip area has some pink splotches too and they seem to be drying and a bit flaky also. Iím hoping maybe it will just dry up and flake off. The tip of my nose has lost the stragglers (hanging skin) from yesterday, and there are some small light pink spots.

Some of the skin that was around my hairline came off while I was washing my face this morning.

The skin on my cheeks was closer to the corners of my mouth and nose yesterday. I would say that I have peeled back at least one and a half inches further away from my nose and mouth since yesterday. Itís like the skin around the edges kind of pops up first and then either hangs, or shrivels up on the edges and rolls itself backwards (just thought Iíd share some details LOL).

There are no signs of pink splotches on my cheeks yet, and my forehead, temples and around my eyes donít have any either.

Well, thatís about all I can think of for todays update.

Today is the Tomorrow You Worried About Yesterday...
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