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Are you supposed to apply it to a wet face or dry face.?? The guy at the health store said if you apply it ot a wet face, then you won't need as much and it will suck it all right in......well I used it last night on one side and cetaphil on the other (afraid to try it on both sides yet) and the jojoba oil seemed like it took an awfully long time to absorb. When I touched my skin about 1 1/2 hours later, I could see the "oil" it left on my hand. I typically have very dry skin from the spiro and accutane combination, so I have no choice but to moisturize. If this is going to break me out, when would that happen?? A day or a week? I look bad enough now without adding to my problems 2 weeks before xmas.
I have to stay on the accutane maintenance 3 - 4 times per week at 40 mg for my lupus....somehow the vitamin A helps with the inflamation that I have from the disease......but it has never cleared me completely even taking it every day........but I am drier now between both meds that I was when I took the accutane every day!!
Dr. wants to possibly switch me from the spiro (too drying at even 100 mg) to yasmin.....
What are the benefits of doing this? I thought spiro was the better of the two because of the whole androgen thing??What would I gain and will I flare again since I flared pretty bad on the spiro a few weeks ago?? Any advice? Not sure If I should give the spiro another few weeks or switch. I have been on 100 to 150 mg daily and was still breaking out. But I had a complete hysterectomy in 98 so right now the hormones that I have are predominanatly male which is why I keep thinking the spiro will help.....Isn't that what the adrenal gland produces?? by going on Yasmin, I would be getting a much smaller dose of the anti-androgen (vs what I'm on with the spiro) plus all of a sudden after 4 years I would be gettin estrogen again. What will that do to my skin???? HELP PLEASE??



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