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Actually, they are one in the same =) In fact, Gluten, Lectins, and Carbs in general can affect your insulin levels. What's even more interesting is that Gluten and Lectins ACT like Insulin-mimickers, therefore, they raise your insulin levels. This is no lie, doctors as well as my endocrinologist give women (with PCOS) Avandia, Metaformin, Actos, to help control Insulin levels because excess insulin that can not be absorbed by your body will cause your body to create more Androgens, among other things (depends on the person).

This is why for nearly a year I was on Avandia. For perhaps, 3 months now, I have been OFF Avandia, and my skin looks even better than when I was on it. The difference? For the past 5 months, I've been on a Gluten Free Diet (with Spiro for past 4 years) and I avoid a few of those Evil Lectins (most foods have lectins, so avoid the troublesome ones). My personal theory is that since CARBS (sugar, grains, starch, fruit, vegetables) are a Large part of our diet, that perhaps it's only CERTAIN ones that are the problem. More specifically the ones that cause INFLAMMATION. The same ones, that have even been reported to cause Rheumatoid Arthritis!

Actually, I'm not alone on this theory, because many others, even my doctor, believe this too. There are even books written about Grains, Gluten and Lectins (Eat Right 4 Your Type). Unfortunately avoiding only Gluten doesn't help everyone. Sometimes you must avoid Gluten in all its forms. Others must avoid some or ALL of the Evil Lectins. While others my have an intolerance to Dairy or some other food, such as any sugar or salicylates. In fact, some people notice that when they start to avoid certain foods they get better (health, or skinwise) and then they start to have problems again. This may indeed be because your body is trying to let you know that there is something else in your diet or environment that is aggrevating it. Hence why I think it's best to start slowly, with a less restrictive diet and work your way up (or down, however you see it) as needed. OR you can start with the strictest diet and SLOWLY incorporate certain foods to see how you react. It's up to you...

I chose the "easy" route and I really don't miss out on anything. If I miss something all I have to do is make it myself or by a GF substitute for it. What's interesting though is I drink more water now (most of the time) and crave even less sugar (growing out of candy anyway). ;-) I NEVER would have thought for a million years that avoiding a few grains would have such an impact. I have HORMONAL ACNE. I'm not sure whether I'm PCOS or NCCAH (non classical congenital adrenal hyperplasia), but this may indeed be working for me! I've always considered my acne to be severe (especially if untreated). I can breakout on my arms, chest, back, scalp, ears, nose, eyebrows, etc. Now, though, it's amazing and I'm still not quite able to grasp it.

I still breakout occasionally, but it's problably because I'm only 99.9% GF (malt, soy sauce...are no nos) and when I'm in a rush I go ahead and eat a food item with a Gluten derivative, NEVER "direct" Gluten. Or maybe it's because I don't take vitamins or I may need to avoid some other food item. Yet, what I have noticed is that my skin gets better and better. I hyperpigment less and usually my acne goes away MUCH faster. So maybe it's just a matter of time for this diet to completely heal (my acne), after all I've had acne for 16 years now.

I know there are lots of skeptics, but you don't know unless you try. Unless you REALLY try and if it does't work, try paying attention to ALL of the foods that contain the Ingredients you are avoiding. Otherwise, you might as well not even bother because your results may be faulty. I'm not 100% certain about this diet, but I know I saw an immediate difference when I tried this. Considering that this is the time when my breakouts are at their highest, it feels rather odd, but good. =) So, if my skin is like this (around 95% acne free) in February, you'll probably hear my singing about these diets. There won't be any more doubts for me.

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