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I did a poll once on oral antibiotics and everyone said it either did wonders for them or did nothing. Of course those that continued taking them or went off of them (myself included) brokeout again. Some of us worse then before, had acne on new areas of our bodies, and/or got yeast infections. Knowing what I know now, I would never take antibiotics again ONLY for clear skin.

Yes, I understand about desperation and how good it feels to have clear skin, but I think antibiotics give you a false sense of acheivement. I was only on them 3 months (200mg of Mino) and my skin was 95% clear and I could even wear some items of clothing I previously couldn't. A month after I stopped, my skin brokeout worse than ever for over a year... I went from feeling great and confident to feeling a bit depressed.

The sad part was that I was also on other medications to treat my skin that worked well enough, but after the mino, weren't as effective. So yes for me they worked, but it's still only a temporary fix. I mean how many times do we have to keep "fighting" this thing? Everytime you lose, does it make you stronger or just even more tired? Not to mention that your body will eventually become resistant, and then what? Considering, the end results, I really don't understand why any derm would prescribe this stuff.

I guess the ONLY good thing that came from this was that I finally got to see an endocrinologist that has been nothing but fantastic. He has tested me for a variety of different disorders and in about a month I should have a more definite diagnosis as to why I'm so hormonally imbalanced. Once you know what's wrong, it brings a sense of peace in your life. Now I have a completely different outlook, because I know one day, it's gonna all go away. =)

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Yes I would have to agree with Alive and disagree with Xia. Although I am only speaking from personal experience and may not be as "educated" as Xia proclaims to be on this subject, I concur with the statement that antibiotics give one a "false hope". I was on Adoxa for 5 months and my skin was flawless, but then I built up a resistance to the product and began to break out again. I switched to Dynacin but it doesn't seem to be working as well with the added bonus of yeast infections. Antibiotics are great for a short term quick fix but I want to find a long term solution. I am throwing out all my Dynacin and buying fish oil and zinc supplements. Although these too may be harmful in high doses I believe they are a safer alternative to those miserable antibiotics!

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