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During the summer, my derm put me on minocycline and i tried it for 4 months, the first few weeks it kinda helped....kinda!....but no clear results, and then about 2 months ago i stopped b/c it was doing jack sh*t and wasnt seeing any improvements. Anyway, i started breaking out in parts where i had never broken out, especially on my forehead, and started getting some baby ancne-to mild acne on my shoulders and chest, up until that point, i had never had any problems there. Luckily, my forhead is clearing up after 2 months and although i still have little scars on my shoulder and chest, they are less evident
So for ur own good, dont be fooled by the instant results of these medications (if any), b/c in the long-run, they will mess u up not only on the face and what not but ur organs, plus the acne will come back worse and ull break out in parts u had never broken out b4....
Hi there. I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience with minocycline! I hope everything goes better for you.

But I'd like to add that it's irresponsible and unreasonable to make a blanket statement like, "never use x product!" simply because you reacted poorly to it. Please keep in mind that everybody's body chemistry is DIFFERENT, and everyone will react differently to various drugs.

Again, I'm very sorry that it didn't work out for you. But please think before you make rash statements, because medications like this HAVE worked wonderfully for a vast number of people out there.

And by the way: nobody ever claimed it was an "instant" drug; in fact, it should take 6-12 weeks to notice any difference at all. Please don't start a witch-hunt, or create unnecessary hype or misinformation. Someone who is impressionable and not knowledgeable about this drug could read your situation and then unnecessarily worry about their own situation. What works/doesn't work for Bob won't always apply to Fred.

Cheers, and good luck with your skin!

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While I'm thinking of it, I'd also like to add that since body chemistry and actual causes of acne differ so greatly amongst acne patients, treatment is usually of the trial-and-error sort. So it's natural that you are going to try some (maybe many, like myself) products that do not work for you, and you will have to dedicate yourself to trying again until you find something that DOES work for you. Keep your chin up, and try to get to the root of the problem.

And as a side-note: minocycline does NOT harm your internal organs, folks, please don't be worried if you are taking a form of it -- unless you exceed a reasonable dose, in which case toxicity can be expected even with substances traditionally viewed as totally inert, like vitamins. Minocycline is a semi-synthetic derivative of tetracycline. It's merely an oral anti-bacterial preparation, used to treat a wide range of fevers and infections (particularly respiratory and skin infections).

In severe acne, minocycline MAY be useful, if your acne is of bacterial origin (i.e. not hormonal, not a food reaction, etc. etc.). If not, it won't do a whole lot for you.
I see where ur point is going xia, i am , however, entitled to my own opinions. In a way if u think about it this is why this messageboard was created, so that people like u and I could allocate our opinions and experiences. First of all i did not say "never " i bluntly said dont use minocylcine because bla bla bla bla.....This is also so that people can be attentive of the after affects the drug can have if you stop it.
Furthermore, i dont see how this is a "rash" statement in anyway, i dont think the drug has feelings and i dont think it would have cared about my "harsh statement"
Lastly, I did not give any misinformation, everything i said was based upon my knowledge and outlook , and i dont recall saying that somebody said it was an instant result drug. I said "dont be fooled by the instant result of this drug" which literally means, dont be deceived by the provisionally results this drug may bring because it can end up degenerating something else in ur body, while it facilitates one part.
so be a little analytical and coherent before u reply to somebody elses's post and affront them.
Make some additional research on minocyclene and or tetra, or on whatever drug it may be u wish to better educate yourself about and you will find that taking certain drugs for a long period of time can impairment other parts of your body or organs, while, like i said it improves one aspect.
One thing you have to keep in mind with minocycline.. if you're using the generic brand of minocin you have to take it either one hour before or two hours after dairy products, food, multivitamins and other supplements. I made the mistake of taking it with food and a multivitamin for about 4 weeks with no results. After I found out about taking it on an empty stomach, it started working pretty dramatically. Just keep in mind you have to take it on an empty stomach and at a different time than other vitamins and supplements you are taking (including B5).
Man: Absolutely right!! Calcium (and calcium derivatives such as calcium carbonate -- which is in many diuretics and other over the counter drugs) interferes with its absorption. Also, females please note that tetracyclines interfere with the effectiveness of oral contraceptives, so stop the antibiotic for 36 hours before having intercourse, or use a backup method. (Backup method is suggested, as cycling on and off antibiotics also reduces their effectiveness).

Alive: Yes, you're perfectly entitled to your own opinion; however, creating a witch-hunt is a bit unnecessary. A bold title with many exclamation points exclaiming, "Do not use minocycline and or tetracycline!!!" is a bit of over-excitement just for one very normal experience of a drug not working for your chemistry.

Secondly, I've done plenty of research on minocycline at my university and at home, as well as spoken to three internists extensively, but thanks for your concern -- it's appreciated. I'm very well educated. It does not impair organs except in cases of toxicity. Remember, not all online sources of information are reputable. Do more homework than just that, if you have the resources.

Lastly, I'm perfectly analytical, as well as coherent, which is why I analyzed your post and made a very on-topic, calm, and rational reply. Just because I'm offering a counter-point doesn't mean you need to throw a fit. Just as you are entitled to your statement, I'm entitled to share mine. Forums are about sharing ideas.

EDIT: Also, "harsh" is not a synonym for "rash." Rash simply means hasty, which was my intended meaning.

ALSO: Note that in my original post, I merely made counterpoints to IDEAS. That's what mature discussion is about. Whereas in your post, you took personal stabs at me (calling me incoherent, and failing to recognize that I did in fact analyze -- it just didn't agree with your analysis). Insecure? Let's have a discussion about the facts without bringing personal attacks into it, ok? Peoples' differences are what make life rich.

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just for the record, I have been taking it for several months and it does the trick for me!

Dana {=c)
I should agree with Alive777 because same happened to me. In the country where I used to live, Ukraine, near Russia, antibiotics are not prescribed for a long term.

Unfortunately, I trusted a dermatologist and a physician here because he was a Doctor and got really bad results with both oral and topical antibiotics. I told the docs that in my country along with antibiotics you take anti-fungal drug (for example, Nistatin); the dermatologist smiled at me and said if I have vaginal yeast infection, I can use Monistat.
Well, Monistat worked one time, but it did not helped the second, and I had to run to see another doctor to treat my yeast infection.
Please read my post about candida related to acne.

I think I have developed resistance to several antibiotics, and I am in the condition much worse that I started with.

This is why now I prefer to use natural ingredients that are less harmful and, even though it takes long time to heal my problems, they will not damage my liver, intestines and blood. Of course they should be used in moderation.
Yes, you can build up an anti-bacterial resistance, unfortunately.

Sorry to hear that it did not work out for you, but keep trying and best of luck -- we all need different solutions.
i just want to share my own experience with antibiotics. my derm kept me on them for way too long and now i definitely have stomach probs. they mess with ur system in that they take out all bacteria, even the good bacteria. i now take acidophilus which seems to help. i just think that long term use can damage ur body.
gymrat...very sorry to hear that, hopefully everything is going well for ya. (But this proves my point)
And Xia... a little defensive??? My 3rd post was not meant for u, instead for everybody, i was just implying that, doing additional research at a "univeristy" or anywhere can be beneficial so that one can educate better and be aware of whatever effects certain drugs can cause
---Ummmm and yeah good to know ur educated.....but we needed to know that, because.......
To quote you, Alive:

Not at all. I'm not the one who responded defensively to a mere difference of opinion. Live and let live, friend.

"[suggesting that I]...better educate yourself..."
THAT is why I stated that I had indeed educated myself regarding the drug. Please, let's follow the conversation and stay in topic.

I'm not going to take this discussion any further, Alive, because it's not productive. I offered a contrary viewpoint to your statement. Whether you like it or not, I did it in a calm, well-thought out, and polite manner. So how about kindly and respectfully discussing the issue at hand (and not some adolescent condemnation), if we discuss anything at all? I've asked nicely once, yet you keep going.

Thanks, have a nice day please! My best wishes to you in finding a good product that works well for you.
Gymrat: so sorry to hear that. Long-term use can definitely cause toxicity. Antibiotics were not meant for super-extended use, but some derms don't recognize derm tried to keep me on it for two years. Makes you wonder about their qualifications sometimes?

Alive: my point was that they are inert at normal doses, but harmful at toxic levels (which encompasses both overdose and overuse in duration). Please kindly abandon this over-reaction because I suspect we merely might have a misunderstanding. I was referring to toxicity from post #1, and pointing out not to start a witch-hunt without giving full information (i.e. that it's beneficial for as many or more as it doesn't work out for). Asking for support with a bad reaction is totally different approach.

Your attitude probably stems from a misunderstanding of this. I don't need to agree with you -- I like having differences with others. I challenged your opinion. But I never made negative inferences about your persona.

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hey the same thing happened to me expect i took many more different kinds of antibiotics. I got acne in areas i never had it in before chest back chin cheeks. I also keep getting theese weird rashes and such and i think its caused by the antibiotics killing all the good bacteria. I would never go near any antibiotics again. just my experience.
What doses do you all take? I'm on 100mg once a day and it doesnt seem to be doing the trick.
I did a poll once on oral antibiotics and everyone said it either did wonders for them or did nothing. Of course those that continued taking them or went off of them (myself included) brokeout again. Some of us worse then before, had acne on new areas of our bodies, and/or got yeast infections. Knowing what I know now, I would never take antibiotics again ONLY for clear skin.

Yes, I understand about desperation and how good it feels to have clear skin, but I think antibiotics give you a false sense of acheivement. I was only on them 3 months (200mg of Mino) and my skin was 95% clear and I could even wear some items of clothing I previously couldn't. A month after I stopped, my skin brokeout worse than ever for over a year... I went from feeling great and confident to feeling a bit depressed.

The sad part was that I was also on other medications to treat my skin that worked well enough, but after the mino, weren't as effective. So yes for me they worked, but it's still only a temporary fix. I mean how many times do we have to keep "fighting" this thing? Everytime you lose, does it make you stronger or just even more tired? Not to mention that your body will eventually become resistant, and then what? Considering, the end results, I really don't understand why any derm would prescribe this stuff.

I guess the ONLY good thing that came from this was that I finally got to see an endocrinologist that has been nothing but fantastic. He has tested me for a variety of different disorders and in about a month I should have a more definite diagnosis as to why I'm so hormonally imbalanced. Once you know what's wrong, it brings a sense of peace in your life. Now I have a completely different outlook, because I know one day, it's gonna all go away. =)

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Great post SweetJade1! and thanks for responding too. See, this is all what i mean, that antibiotics like mino and tetra do nothing and worsen acne. Im still tryin to get rid of the acne that i got on my shoulders and forehead, luckily it wasnt that bad, but it makes a huge difference when ur use to not having ance there and when ur use to beign clear, i mean even getting 2 zits or just 1 can be dreadful! I really advice not to use antibiotics ONLY FOR ACNE, b/c they worsen ur skin..... I have heard and i have said, and i will keep saying, using antibiotics can damage other parts of ur body when used for a long time. Its not worth using them for acne, b/c evetually acne is temporary for some people and it will go away, it may take long but it does go away, so, while mino and or tetra facilitate one aspect of ur body, it can surely harm another, when used for a long time. (yeah i know im souding too repetetive, sorry) alright good luck to everyone.
yeah after a patient stops mino/tetra use, its likely that acne will return. but sometimes, once an oral antibiotic gets rid of that acne, topicals can then keep it under control. sometimes...
I do not believe your acne MUST be bacterial in order for minocycline to be at all effective. Even hormonal acne has bacterial properties. Consider an inflammation... Although the initial cause may be a hormonal over-production of oils, a bacterial infection follows the clogging of pores. Perhaps minocycline can be used to combat the bacterial infection following a clogged pore which causes the inflammation we know as "pimples."
Oh no, most of us have plan and simple hormonal acne. Others it's enviromental or cosmetic, but of course you get rid of the irriant and problem solved. Yet for all of us, antibiotics (topical or oral)usually do work. The problem is what happens when MOST of us go off of them. =( Hence why, in my opinion, it's better to not even use them for the sole purpose of clear skin, it just's another quick fix with (worse) side effects.
yep soo true...Right on sweetjade!!!!!
Just curious... how long has everyone had acne, and since what age? Judging from the experience of my older siblings, I am assuming that my acne will slowly dissipate and eventually clear by the time I turn 19 or so. I just want to supress the outbreak until then.

Or maybe I will be doomed to have it for the rest of my life.
Im 18, and i have had mild-acne since prob 15, and its very unlikely that u'll have acne for the rest of ur life. Ance eventually fades away w/ the years. I think my acne will be gone when i reach my 20s, cuz thats when my dads acne went away, and my mom has nver had acne....My only problem is that i have blemishes and circular small obvious scars left by the acne
Don't worry about the scars. Those are pretty much temporary as well. I know mine will go away too. I just don't want it for another year or so.
I only really started getting acne around 20 years old.

I used novo-minocyclin for about 6 months. Then suddenly, i started noticing that atleast once a day i would break out in hives (just one or two, on my face) these hives would go away after 90mins or so. But during those 90 mins, it would itch like crazy. I talked to my derm and he gave me the "there is no conclusive relation blah blah blah..."

I then mentioned my hives to my sister (who is a physician) she advised me to get off the minocyclin for a few weeks... I did, and no more hives!

I wanted to know if anyone thought i could use the minocyclin only once or twice a week. I'm not even sure if it has helped me (as i also use Retin A) but since it's free, i thought i might want to use it, just in case.
Please read more what people say about antibiotics and their after effects.

You will damage your whole body. Antibiotics KILL good bacteria in your intestines. They contaminate your liver and blood.
When you get off them, acne will get worse plus you will get other problems like yeast infection (vaginal if you are a woman, fungus, thrush).

It happened to me even with topical antibiotic like erythromicin. Before I used bactrim for a whole year and I was so clear like never before! I had positive results with Zinerit (topical erythromicin) too!
But one day it stopped working, and my acne got worse and worse. I was under stress a lot with my school and work. In addition to that I got recurrent vaginal infection and chronic fatigue. Believe me it is not fun at all.
I am still treating candidiadis or yeast infection, and still have to find a solution for my acne.

Good luck.
Yeah exactly, thats what i urge people NOT TO USE antibiotics for acne cuz its really ****ty. It works for a little while if that and then screws you over.
Did anybody's skin itch a lot when they were on Mino?? That just came me. I remember my upper body itching a lot during the summer when i was on mino...hmmm i donno maybe its another of its worthless sideeffects or something
Yes I would have to agree with Alive and disagree with Xia. Although I am only speaking from personal experience and may not be as "educated" as Xia proclaims to be on this subject, I concur with the statement that antibiotics give one a "false hope". I was on Adoxa for 5 months and my skin was flawless, but then I built up a resistance to the product and began to break out again. I switched to Dynacin but it doesn't seem to be working as well with the added bonus of yeast infections. Antibiotics are great for a short term quick fix but I want to find a long term solution. I am throwing out all my Dynacin and buying fish oil and zinc supplements. Although these too may be harmful in high doses I believe they are a safer alternative to those miserable antibiotics!
i've tried tetra and minocyclin and topical antibiotics and it did nothing but make my skin 10x worse! now i have to go on accutane because my face looks like a warzone.

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