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Hi there, I've just found this website and just reading some messages has made me feel heaps better than when I left for work this morning. Its new years eve and I've gradually over the past 4 weeks my acne has returned. I know exactly why, cos I gave up Dianette BCP 8 months ago and its returned. I stopped taking it mainly becuase I just got married and am planning in the near future to have children - however this bout of acne has hit me so bad and I am so depressed I wonder if I could cope with a baby and my awful skin.

Has anyone found that having a baby has helped their skin?

Just to let you know my history I had terrible skin as a teen and from 14 to 17 tried antiobotics etc and finally found my saving grace Dianette i tried to come off a few times but acne returned. this last time I came off it it took a good 7 months to return and granted its not as bad but its still bad to me, I have mainly whiteheads and red bumps on my cheeks. I'm travelling round oz at the moment and wonder if the hot weather is making it worse - any suggestions?

Anyway I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions, I drink loads of water, eat healthy food but haven't tried any vitamins.

Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated!!

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