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Re: Big pores
Dec 25, 2002
You can't shrink pores, you can only use products which will temporarily make them LOOK smaller. Note that in advertising they'll even tell you they "visibly reduce pores," or how you'll "notice smaller pores."

I found Polysorbate-80 with Niacin and Biotin to be helpful. It's a "solvent" (in the health food stores, they market it for balding scalps and hair loss, but it works because it dissolves sebum, and for many cases of hair loss it's because the folicle gets plugged up with sebum and hardens, just like acne on the face. This squeezes and kills the pore or folicle and the hair dies and falls out from lack of blood flow and constriction). This stuff feels oily when you apply it, but you can apply a small amount and leave it on and wear it, it will just disappear into your skin. Or, you can put it on at night wash it off in the morning. Or put it on for 10-20 minutes rubbing it into your skin before you take your regular shower or wash your face.

It WILL dissolve the oils, and you WILL notice a difference.

It washes off with WATER alone, you do not need to add soap to wash it off. The soap may just irritate your skin or deposit chemicals back into the pores you just cleaned out.

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