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Its hard for someone to tell you what products to try when they haven't seen the condition of your skin.If I were a teenage guy though with acne possibly caused from puberty, I would try some Accutane, or antibiotic or some kind of pill before I used any really harsh chemicals on my face.As much as people bash diets on this board I know for me If I stick to a diet with just fruits, vegetables, eggs.and protein drinks, (no dairy,sweets,pasta,meat,cereal,spices,pop,alcohol)my face will not break out.My face mostly breaks out when I go off my diet.Like I broke out after Thanksgivibg dinner and I had to go off my diet at the family Christmas dinner which of coarse resulted in a depressing breakout.I don't know which products you have already tried.But I use Phisoderm in the morning , and Dr.Bronners bar soap now and then to exfoilate.Neutrogena moisturizer for sensitive skin with Equate benzoil peroxide on top unless my skin is starting to get too dry.When I was a young teen, my parents only allowed us to take a shower a few times a week because they were all into that conserving energy and resources thing.My face, back, and chest broke out horribly and all that was in the house to use was rubbing alcohol which I used and it made things horribly worse.Finally I just started sneaking showers whenever my parents left the house for anything and dried up all the evidence before they came home and my skin finally cleared up.In my late teens I had to stay away from chocolate to stay clear and as I got older and and moved away from my moms cooking It seemed that there became wider variety of foods that would break me out.As long as I don't eat those foods I'm fine.Do you believe that certain foods can break you out? If so, then the best thing to do is not eat those foods if you want to get your acne under control.At your age you may not need a moisturizer but definately use an acne cleanser that doesn't irritate your skin and make it feel itchy.Yours could be just a passing puberty thing so just hang in there.My son had it for 3 years at your age and it went away all by itself and he has had clear skin since.Same with my brother.I hope yours goes away soon too.

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