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I have not used Alesse myself (I take Diane35), but it is one of the brands that is higher in androgenicity. This is good if you are an athlete, because it will help with your endurance. However, generally, this is not good for the skin, especially if you are susceptible to hormonal breakouts. A lot of doctors don't inform their patients of this or even realize it themselves. I see doctors handing out prescriptions for drugs that they get kickbacks for all the time. When Alesse first came out, I was given a free sample of it to try for a month. Even though I had been on Diane already for 4 months without problems, my doctor was pushing for me to try it. I got a new doctor, because she had no idea about the higher androgenicity of Alesse. Anwyay, my point is that while some women will have a different reaction to Alesse, typically the high androgenicity can increase breakouts. I would recommend Diane35 or Yasmin instead.

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