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Tsk tsk why do you ask questions to something you "know" the answer to? Are you just trying to test our own knowledge? ;-)

Before I was diagnosed PCOS/IR, [which is what I am, I'm Not Partial Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia DESPITE fitting 75% of those symptoms] over a year ago, I always thought I had Hyperthyroidism. At the time I didn't know about ALL of these other disorders, but I knew that Hyperthyroidism could make you thin, acneic, and hirsute. Well that was'nt me nor was I hypothyroid, which can also produce acne symptoms for others.

I do have a question for you though, why do you want Spiro if you are Hyperthyroid. I don't believe that Spiro will be very helpful, because it's your thyroid hormone that is in excess, not your androgens. I could be wrong, wanna do some research for us all and let us know??? ;-)

Also, I have a coworker who used to be thin when she was young, but now has more weight on her (in her 40s). She has thyroid problems and I'm assuming she must have had an overactive thyroid because a few years ago she had radioactive iodine treatment. The name of the treament may be incorrect, but basically she had part of her thyroid removed/eliminated so that it wouldn't go nuts on her. Since then her wieght hasn't decreased, her skin has ALWAYS looked good (she does wear abit of makeup, but she doesn't have acne), and she has thick hair and strong nails. Obviously everyone is different, I believe she has further medical problems still, which is why I urge you to deal with this ASAP so that you can prevent any further damage to your body.

I believe you said that your mother was also hyperthyroid (right?). Well talk to her and find out how she handled it. I believe there are thyroid suppression medications that you can take, so ask your NEW endocrinologist about that. There's other treatments available, but you will probably want to go the natural/meds route instead of the above surgery. Say, how did you get dx if your endocrinologist wouldn't even run any blood tests on you???

Above ALL else, PLEASE smile about the fact that you KNOW what's wrong and try to look forward to knowing that there are weapons that can beat it. You can actually win =)

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