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I get them too, cystic acne, along the jaw line, and then right in the nasolabial folds I get zits that are not quite whiteheads and not quite cystic, just strange bumps that hover below the surface.

It looks like very single pore I have on my entire face is in reality a blackhead. I don't think I have any non-clogged pores. Of course, I'm also looking so closely at my skin,.... from far away it never looks as bad, but you know how it is when you get in the bathroom bright light and get close to the mirror, it's like they get huge and jump out at you, and look big enough for everyone to see!

I look at people who have "normal" smooth skin and it looks like their face doesn't even HAVE any pores in it! Literally it just looks clear and smooth and soft. Mine looks like someone took a teeny little black marker and stippled my face with teeny polkadots (ie: blackheads in every pore) and then made these red spots (ie: active acne), then made some brownish spots (ie: the deep scars) and then made some purple marks (ie: the "smooth" scars that are more fresh).... oh, and then inserted little peas underneath the skin at my jawline.

So uhm,.....yep.

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