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These tips are from experince from myself of having mild to moderate acne. I was thinking it may help some, while maybe most of you know this already.

1. Dont squeeze or pick at pimples till there ready. Most say dont pop at all, i sort of disagree. If it is at a head and it hurts i always slightly push on it to get the stuff out,apply pb and in a day or so it is gone. The other ones just leave alone casue youll make them worse, and leave marks. I used to touch everything cause at first i used to get like one pimple and would flip out and be very self conscious. I touched and touched and i remember the next day i had a huge brown spot on my face. nOt good. Since then i have alot more acne and i dont touch it. It goes away quicker and can get covered up easier.

2. showering. I made a huge mistake when showering. Very hot water for a long time. This dried out my skin, made it very oily and made the acne look worse.I suggest taking just comfortable showers and dont keep your face under the water.

3. shaving for guys. This one sucks. I make sure i cover that area with some shaving cream, or just put my finger over it or something if it is not that bad. It sucks when u cut a pimple and hurts. if so just dry it up with a peice of toliet papaer and apply bp.

4.sleeping. Change ur sheets once a week thats what i do and i noticed a huge differnce. Try to sleep on your back. Also before going to bed make sure any hair products,gel, is shampooed out casue ull be getting that on ur face when u roll at night.

5. MAKEUP!! Yes makeup for guys. That is damn right! I wear it, just that liquid concealer stuff and no one even knows. It can make those small marks literally almost disappear without anyone noticing. I know some of you will laugh, but on the net there is sites just for guys makeup and there still in business. So many must be buying the stuff. I can literally look 10 times better with a little foundation and it makes me feel better. give it a try and see for urself.

6.face washing. wash 2 times a day and if u excersie or sweat alot right after. if the face wash ur using drys ur skin out get rid of it immediatly. most face washes that fight acne seem hard and think about it. Your washing for a mintue and rinsing off so is it really fighting it? I say no! I rather just wash with a simple all puprose wash"ceptaphil,purpose foaming cleanser etc" and then follow with some bp or other product as spot treatments then go on with ur day.

7.Hats> i think hats are bad in general,but worse in certain conditons. If you sweat your blocking your pores in terms then clogging them. Oily skin works the same way and just irrates acne. Avoid at most costs if not, try not to wear them on forhead just hair.

8.. Shampoos. Believe it or not i noticed a differnce. some shampoo seemed to break me out just from running on my face it seemed. not a 100 percent sure but the one i use now works great.Aussie and panteen conditioner.

9. After sweating/every couple weeks. I find it kinda good after a long sweating session, or just every few weeks to apply a warm cloth to open your pores and get the crap out. It does dry out a little, but it is not like a everyday thing.

10. Water. I noticed a big differnce in oil production and acne recovery/decrease with the use of water. I personally drink 1 gallon everyday of my life almost.

11. food. some say it affects them, others not. I eat anything and really dont notice a differnce.

12. drying face. pat dry very very well. never let ur face air dry. dry with a clean towel.

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