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I ordered the Skin Culture Peel 3000 a few weeks ago . I donít remember how long it took to ship from the UK to Hawaii but I donít think it was very long.

I applied a small part of the test kit. There was no burning, stinging, or any other sensation but it smelled really really bad!

Day 1 of the 3000 peel. 8:00 pm
Washed face and waited 5 minutes, per the directions. Applied all of the pot to my face. Good grief does it smell!!! It smells something like burning coal/BBQ sauce/bad chewing tobacco. I have pale skin so the brown color is rather shocking. It also feels like I am trying to spread a cold tootsie roll on my face.
About 5 minutes later the burning/stinging started. It feels like fire ants are biting my face. I have to sit in front of the fan to make it better. It is not as bad as I have read about but still bad. The burning lasts right an hour. After that I am able to turn off the fan. Now it feels like warm menthol on my face. Kind of like when you have really bad chapped lips. I leave it on for 2 hours, per the printed directions. After two hours, I use the spatula to scrape off the brown stuff. There is some still left on my face so I use tissue to wipe it off. I do not use petroleum jelly like the instructions suggest since I think that may be too greasy. My face is slightly pink, mostly on my cheeks, and still had the burning smell. My husband wont get near me!

Day 2,morning
Face looks the same as last night, no change this morning. My cheeks are pink and the tip of my nose is a little darker. It does not feel or look any different than before I started the peel.
8:00 pm
Washed with only water and waited 5 minutes. Everything else the same as yesterday but the burning is a little worse. When I wiped the stuff off after 2 hours my face was tender, sort of like when you rub a sunburn. Face still the same color.

Day 3 morning
Face just slightly pink. No real change.
8:00 pm
Same as previous 2 days. Face a little more tender when wiping the stuff off.

Day 4 morning
Face still the same except my red marks are redder and I now have two zits, one small on my chin and one big one by the corner of my mouth (but a little lower)
supposed to start using the Normalizer cream but think I will use the tester pot and turn my 3000 peel into a 4000 peel. Applied it and all went the same as other 3 days. Still tender to wipe off.

Day 5 morning.
Face still looks the same, not red at all, and the pink is going away. There is a little flaking around my mouth. Zits still there.
8:00 pm
Applied the Normalizer cream. It feels like I am applying butter to my face. It feels a little greasy and gritty. It goes against my instinct of what I would normally put on my face. Leave it on for 2 hours then wipe it off. Face feels and looks the same.

Day 6 morning.
Face the same,no peeling, no redness, but it is a little itchy.
Applied cream same as day before. Face a little tight and itchy when I wiped the cream off. No peeling at all and doesnít look like it will peel any time soon.

Day 7 am.
Starting to look old. I donít know about the claims that you will look 5 years younger since I now look 10 years older. I have lots of wrinkles, and my face looks like it could use a tub of moisturizer. Light flaking around my mouth ,some around my nose, and little on my chin. My cheeks, forehead, nose, and temples are wrinkled but very soft and smooth. Good god I hope my face starts to peel soon! What if it doesnít and I stay looking like this???
8:00 pm
Applied cream same as day before. The flaking skin come off when I wiped off the cream. Zits still there and the one below my mouth is swollen and very itchy. It looks like my face will ever peel even though it is dry and very itchy.
Bobbi -

I am not impressed either. In fact I am getting quite ticked off.

I am now on day 10 (!) and still at it.My chin has a strip that has flaked off, my nose has minor flaking, and I think I see some flakes around the sides of my nose. That is it! Absolutely nothing else! My cheeks, temples, and forehead feel smooth and soft but look old. I look like someone who has spent every day of my life in the sun. I am very pale skinned and burn easy. My skin is dry and itchy.

The sun damage I had before (freckles around my eyes and a few brown spots) are still there and now darker than they were.

The red spots look the exact same. I now have small blackheads on my chin.I wonder if this is part of the peel or that I have not washed my face in 11 days?

I am getting really tired of this all. I wish it would just hurry up and peel! I was so excited about doing this peel but now regret it. I haven't been out of my house in 11 days, I want to style my hair, put on make up, and go outside! Thank goodness I work from home or I don't know what I would do!

Since my forehead and cheeks show no sign of peeling I am getting worried..How long is this going to go on..?

I hope you are having a better time at it that I am..
How is yours going?

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