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While I agree with you that the world we live in does have a screwed up idea about what makes a truly wonderful person ......where values are sometimes tossed out the window because of the ASSUMPTION that beautiful people are somehow smarter, more caring and thoughtful, and generally more pleasant to be around.................I disagree that this person shoud "go for this job" . This person that offered the job did not come across as a friend, offering help and advice....It was a clear case of "you aren't good enough UNLESS you clear up your skin!"

Now I totally know that this is terrible and as I said I know that this is the world that has been potrayed to us, BUT what about the overweight people, or burn victims, or people with disabling would they feel is someone "they know" offers them a job and says "it's all yours IF YOU CHANGE YOURSELF"...Obviously this can't happen in many instances. But these people are probably very genuine, caring, and intelligent people.

All I mean to say is that if it really is something that this person wants to make better, then she needs to do it for herself not for someone who apparantly thinks they are perfect and can tell the rest of us what the world wants to see on a plane.

I would much rather have someone who is thoughtful, helpful and makes my flight more enjoyable with a skin or weight issue, than someone who is arrogant and maybe didn't deserve the job -- but maybe has clear skin and a great figure.

I struggle with a lot of limitations and issues in my life both with acne and lupus. This has affected me in so many areas of my life....but if someone ever told me that I wasn't going to "measure up" until I looked better to everyone else...I would crack under the pressure.
What happens after 2 months have passed and the skin is the same or possibly worse from trying so agressively to "Fix" it?? What will that do to this person's self-confidence?? What kind of stress (which adds to acne) and pressure will this person be under by fighting the clock??
I say if the person wants to do it for herself....great. But NOT JUST for a job.

To the topic starter: I feel for you with this situation. You're already better than this "company" deserves...........HOWEVER, if you are looking at your DREAM JOB that you have wanted forever and are sure that you want to try in the next two months to make your appearance better (in their eyes).....Well, in addition to professional peels, you can purchase facial washes and moisturizers containing GLYCOLIC ACID that will not only exfoliate the skin subtly, but also give a rosier glow appearance that may camoflauge the existing red marks to make them blend in more.
ONLY wear non comedogenic oil free make up.....sparingly....and take vitamin E.
I am far from an expert....but sometimes there is an initial break out with retin A...(I would use the retin A micro).

Good luck to you! If this is your dream job......I hope you get it.
But if you decide they aren't worth it......Clear your skin for you, and tell that person to KEEP her offer.

She's not the only person out there and that probably won't be the last job offer you ever recieve.


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