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I am not on spiro. I have considered asking my doctor about it, but I want to see what BC alone does for my skin. I get really bad breakouts before/during my periods. I was on Alesse BCP for three months and because it had higher androgenicity, it gave me cystic acne on my jawline. That's another reason why I figured I had hormonal acne, because I react horribly to androgens!

What I recommend is that you go see an endocrinologist. They test your hormones to see if you are lacking in hormones/need hormones, etc. There is a person on here--20withacne--who is also exploring the possibilities of spiro/Yasmin, who is on Accutane but thinks that it isn't working because her break-outs are hormonal. Do a search for her name and you'll probably come up with a lot of stuff.

But definetely see an endo. What my doctor told me is you should try something out for a while (like, 6 months) before you try something else. Most things usually make your acne worse before it makes it better. I'm willing to risk it if it'll make my acne better by the summertime.

But I'll update you on my Yasmin experiences starting this Sunday. Maybe I'll keep a "Yasmin journal" or something, since a lot of ladies on this board seem really interested in it.

Take care! And good luck.

When I was on Ortho-Tricyclen and Diane-35 last year, I had perfect, perfect skin. I remember on Ortho I got an initial break-out as well, but by the third month my skin became almost flawless. I am expecting the same results with Yasmin. I wear make-up so it's not that bad, but who wants an initial break-out? I'm already having an initial break-out from the topical I am using (Tazorac), so maybe that'll clear the path for Yasmin? :>

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