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Re: Cystic acne?!
Nov 8, 2010
Hi everyone, I am 20, I was on ortho tri cyclin lo for about 1 1/2 yrs and I had really bad health hair started falling out bad...I went to the doctor and they said they couldn't help me (?!?!) It wasn't until like my third naturopath I met that said I had to get off the birth control immediately. I took A LOT of different supplements and about 2 yrs later (started when I was 17- the hair falling out) and that was all better and I was feeling great. But then when I was about 19 I started getting REALLY bad, itchy, painful acne. It started on my cheeks, stayed their for probably 6 mo. then moved to my chin really bad...some time later it cleared there ok and then to the sides of my face...and then finally my forehead. I haven't seen my naturopath in about a year because I couldn't afford it anymore. But she got it to where it is...which is not as much inflammation, no itching, and less pain. It's calmed down a lot but I pretty much just haven't done much to help or harm my skin. I feel like whatever I do it doesn't matter, my skin is just going to be clear one day and broken out the next...

Before this I never had acne besides the teen year pimples. I know pimples and these aint no pimples! They last for months.

What I notice helps is: a good diet and a mask containing bentonite clay (powder that can be mixed with liquids-water, milk, yogurt, etc. to make a mask and left on the skin until it pretty much dries)

I also have really bad anxiety and I definitely notice a response to my skin when I'm stressed for a longer period.

I'm completely against using medication, however, I just started taking meds for anxiety and depression a couple weeks ago. When it comes to my face, the basic stuff at the store always seems to make it inflamed and worse. The only stuff I use now are all natural organic facial products, which are expensive :(

This curse sucks!!!

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