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Thanks for the response. I did try spiro at 150 mg and it was so awful drying that It actually made things worse because of the irritation and breakouts in the dry areas. Of course this was before starting the yasmin so I haven't tried it that high since . I have thought about at least increasing it to 75 mg per day, however with the yasmin having a diuretic effect and this too and taking the accutane every other day, I'm not sure it would work for me.
Mr dr. pretty much gives me full reign to do what I want with my meds, within reason of course, I suppose because I have gone to him for so long. I never do anything that I know will hurt me and research everything prior to making a change, but the one thing I've never understood was birth control pills.
Actually in 1992 I started taking spiro 125mg per day and it cleared me up and kept me almost crystal clear for about 5 years, and then my hormones went nuts and I had to have a hysterectomy and between the before and after of that my skin was never the same. I had never had cystic acne before, just mild when I first started the spiro.......boy was that a change to see!! It appeared here and there at first, and then became more persistant until after the surgery...Boom there it was and I knew I was in for a battle. Don't get me wrong, the spiro is a great med, but it seemed to stop working or my hormones just became stronger. Even back then jumping up the dose to 200 did nothing to it.
so on to accutane it was which was supposed to "Clear it right up"......HA!
Then the lupus came on.....
And here I sit 5 years later and still baffled at why nothing seems to work. I am hoping that the combo of spiro and yasmin will be enough to keep me under control once and for all...and yes I may increase the dose by just a bit to see if it helps.
I appreciate your reply and am glad to see that it has worked so well for you.
I'll keep you posted.

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