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Hi, my name is Josh Johnson, and i got some bad acne. It started at around 8th grade, when i had a little bit more than mild acne. but then, my 2nd semester of 9th grade, i started getting severe acne conglobata accompained with severe acne. it left permanent scars, and basically ruined my life. and now it's flaring up again; acne fulminans, with deep pain and a swelling feeling, my 2nd quarter of my sophomore year at my new school. it hurts so bad and they just won't go away even with my accutaine and prednisone, which i've been on since this summer. for topical treatment right now i'm using this thing called Aczone (dapsone gel 5%) and this stuff called Eau THermale-Avene cicalfata restorative skin helps reduce redness sort of, and makes it less dry. so here are my pictures of this junk, if anyone could help me out i'd appreciate it greatly.

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