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hey, is it okay to exfoliate once a week while on retinoids using a salicylic wash? I knowt hat retinoids "exofiliate" skin already, but only skin in the lower layers?
Does upper layer skin need to be exfoliated as well- especially if my skin is generally dry and moisturizer seems to work better/feel better after the salicylic wash? Normally I will use the CeraVe hydrating cleanser nightly.

Also, since using differin, it seems like the first week my skin purged with some small whiteheads, only about two though. then for the next 2-3 weeks it was fine and no new blemishes at all. But then the 4-6th week I would get a big cystic pimple, one after the other. Never more than one at a time. Is this the initial breaking- or does it seem like they should be coming up all at once and not one after the other?

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