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Re: Acne
Nov 28, 2010
[QUOTE=HMS661;4626755]HOW can i cure my acne with in two days and i have tried every thing please!help me i beg you ?[/QUOTE]
Hey friend! :wave: I collaborated the PERFECT acne technique that I 99% guarantee will get rid of all your acne overnight. It's basically all natural, and if you don't have something on this list, that's totally fine, just skip the item and use what you do have the best you can. This always works for me, and it makes tons of sense. Here goes:[/SIZE]

-[U]Clean skin[/U] first with a [B]cleanser[/B] that won't dry out your skin too much.

-[U]Rub a fresh [B]tomato[/B] slice, or tomato pulp on your face[/U] + any other affected areas. You can leave it on for a few minutes, or you can apply it liberally and leave it on up to an hour. If you didn't use pulp, do not wash it off. If you used pulp, gently wipe the pulp off.
(I recommend just using a tomato slice without getting your face too pulpy)
[SIZE="1"][the use of tomato for skin care is ideal because of its cooling and astringent properties. It is rich in vitamin C making it helpful for acne and brightening dull skin and contains vitamin A needed for building healthy skin. Its naturally acidic properties help it balance the skin and get rid of excessive oil.][/SIZE]

-[U]Take a mixture of [B]honey[/B], [B]oats[/B] (oatmeal), and fresh [B]lemon[/B] juice and spread of your face[/U], or just the affected areas if your acne's not too bad. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes.
[SIZE="2"](You might need to lie down so it doesn't run down off your face- I stick tissues over it once I'm done applying. It also may take a couple minutes to apply it because it [I]is[/I] a goopy mixture lol)[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"][the honey does everything possible for your skin, moisturizes, cleanses, exfoliates, and its a natural antibiotic. the oats exfoliate and attract dead skin cells. the lemon juice contains astringent and antiseptic properties that help to cleanse out, and also balance your oil glands so stuff like sweat, oil, are reduced so your face won't be shiny. all this also gives your skin a nice color and natural glow][/SIZE]

-[U]Wash off your face with just water[/U] (not hot) and [U]dab affected areas with a cotton swab of hydrogen peroxide.[/U]
[SIZE="1"][This will cleanse and take the rest of the mask off that you can't see][/SIZE]

-[U]Take a [B]vitamin e[/B] and(or) a [B]vitamin c[/B] tablet(s)[/U] and crush them. [U]Dab the crushed tablet with a wet cotton swab and rub on affected areas lightly.[/U] (This could possibly sting a very little bit depending on the severity of your acne. You can also use vitamin A.)
[SIZE="1"][[B]E[/B] helps skin tone and moisturizes. [B]C[/B] protects against UV cell damage, smooths the skin, exfoliate dead skin cells without harming new ones, and diminishes age spots and wrinkles. [B]A[/B] increases the elasticity in the skin so to keep the skin looking younger, with less wrinkles.][/SIZE]

-[U]Rinse[/U] off face with [B]cold water[/B].

-[U]Rub [B]ice[/B] cubes directly onto face[/U] for 15-20 minutes.
[SIZE="2"](Holding the ice cubes with just a face cloth helps.)[/SIZE]
[SIZE="1"][this minimizes the pores, and keeps bacteria out.][/SIZE]

[SIZE="4"][B]*Make sure to just lightly PAT your face dry with a clean face cloth through out![/B][/SIZE]

-[U]Put a dab of toothpaste (paste NOT gel) on affected areas before bed[/U].
[SIZE="2"](It only takes a few minutes to dry, so wait until it dries before letting your face touch your pillow or anything else)[/SIZE]


-Just [U]rinse off your face with cold [B]water[/B][/U]. Do not apply anything else (like make up, etc) Pat dry.

-You can repeat all of the above as often as you want. [U]If your skin starts feeling too dry, just apply a light moisturizer.[/U] The best to use is a [B]Hemp[/B] Face Protector moisturizer. Hemp is very good for your skin, and is natural.

[B][SIZE="3"]*Try to not touch your face with your hands. This is a good tip for all the time. You want to keep any bacteria away from your face as much as possible.[/SIZE][/B]

ps. Sorry for all the italics bolds and underlines. lol. I have a problem. lol :) Much love to you! Good luck!!! Lemme know how it works for you :) Spread the word <3

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