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I started getting small red bumps on face and neck that became acne like about 8 weeks ago. I figured it was stress and it would go away. Unfortunately Im still dealing with this. I went to the doctor as my symptoms began to spread to my chest and back. The doctor felt I was having an allergic reaction to something??? I tried desperately to identify what had changed to no avail. I was taking my vitamins the other day and finished a new supplement I had tried (to boost nail and hair growth). I realized I had been taking this supplement for the same period of time I have been experiencing my symptoms. So I jumped on-line and found this particular supplement can cause my symptoms and have stopped taking it. Biotin was the cause it seems. My research showed that most commonly you take about 30mcgs daily in a multi vitamin and those with diabetes or taking accutane for acne are given this supplement. The amount I was taking was about 1500mcgs daily. I now am still trying to clear this from my system and continue to struggle with sabaceous type cysts on my face, neck, chest, and back. I have been drinking water like I was starving and still no resolve. Please be careful when taking Biotin!!! If you have any thoughts on how to flush my system quickly I would appreciate it. I have never suffered with severe acne and at 41 it certainly is NO FUN!!! Your advice, help, thoughts or experience would be valued.

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