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Its coming up to 4 years since I finished my course of accutane. I was put on a 16 week course, not sure of the dosage - it was a long time ago!Anyhow, I suffered with the standard chapped lips and also senstive skin amongst other side effects. My problem is I still suffer with chapped lips but even worse now.

While on accutane I remember my lips were really dry around the edges. Now my lips feel dry but the edge of my lips are just red and irritated. Eating irritates them the most, after an evening meal my lips will be dark red and feel like they're burning, more so my top lip. Also, it seems as the condition deteriorates throughout the day no matter how much I moisturize. By about 6-7pm every day my lips are just red, dry and feel uncomfortable, putting moisturizer takes the dryness away but the redness and uncomfortable feeling stays. As you can imagine this doesn't do wonders for my self-confidence.

Before I took accutane I never had to worry about my lips, they never needed any protecting/moisturizing which is why I expected my lips to go back to normal after finishing the course. Funnily enough when I saw my derm for the last time after the course she said I had the best lips she'd seen after taking accutane!

My lips seem to be peeling constantly and drinking water leaves a white substance on them which I guess is the peeled skin, not nice. Also exercising seems to make them really red and have this white stuff on them which is really embarrassing and annoying since I play sport a lot.

I know this is a long post but I'd really appreciate it if some of you could take the time to read it and respond with advice or personal experiences with accutane and changes you've noticed after coming off the drug. After four years I just seem to be stuck in a rut after finding no solution.

Thanks :)

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