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Hi, i started roaccutane last year, it was the best thing i ever did..

My acne started around 5 years ago, however it wasn't that bad, only the odd blackhead every so often.. Starting Jan 2009 my acne became rather bad, and i started to get really depressed about it.. (Probably making it worse)
It was mostly just on my chin area, so after seeing my GP he prescribed Dianette for me.
My skin was sore, with lumps and bumps, very sore to touch, it was swollen..

I could not go on with this, i didn't want to be on Dianette, because it made it much worse, and i hated myself.

The GP then prescribed Oxytetracycline, that was great compared to everything else i had tried.. Finally something was working. My acne became much better, and i wasn't getting hardly any breakouts.
I did not want to stay on Anti-biotics for ever , and either did my GP, so i came off the Oxytetracycline.
He then prescribed Doxycycline, but this was making me ill.. I was very dizzy and sick. I could not use them at all..
They started to not work either...
I went back to the doctors, and this was finally when the doctor said i could go and see a Dermatologist!
So i went, he was a very nice chap who looked at me - within 2 seconds he said i had bad acne, and it was not uncommon in people my age ...
I did not have to ask for it, but he said i could go on Roaccutane, i told him i had heard of it, so he told me all about the side effects etc (also asked me why a lot of people got the impression that the side effects were bad, - because i said to him that i had heard they weren't too good.. lol)
Was a bit worried about it, but thought to myself, if this makes my acne better, then that's good enough...

I was on 20mg a day

I did start to get really dry lips, so i recommend moisturiser for them, i only had 1 nose bleed in the whole 6 months. Once i finished my 6 month course i noticed i had a really really dry nose, which i had to go to my GP to get some cream, then this was fixed within a week or so...
After 6 months of this, my skin was perfect, from the 4th month, i had no problems with my skin

One month afterwards i got a few acne spots back, but this time on my cheeks, (not on my chin where i had it before) i was not wanting this to start again so i went straight back to my GP. He gave me Oxytetracycline again (as he said that although it didnt work last time, it could work this time, as now the accutane will have cleared most of it..
Within 3 days of taking the oxytetracycline my acne had gone.. And its been gone for a long time now, well 2 months..
But my skin has never been better, and i am ever so glad that i was put on roaccutane

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