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hey!! i sure can relate to your post and i'm sorry to hear how down in the dumps you are! I am currently down and out about my skin too, but at the end of the day - I'm thankful to have friends and family that care about me and so should you!!

I dont know where you live, and what type of products you have access to, but keep trying different combinations! something out there will work! Have you ever tried Proactiv? that stuff works for me... my face isn't 100% clear, and probably never will be, but it does help! The key is to use a LITTLE bit when you wash your face morning & nite.. "less is always more!"

also, i believe in using natural ingredients when possible. Lemon juice and egg whites are good when you combine then and use as a mask to treat red spots... i would try that out and see if you see improvement.

another thing ive tried in the past was 'tea tree oil' .. this stuff is sold in a drug/pharmacy kind of store in the vitamin isle. its in a small 3 inch bottle and its very very strong smelling! what I did was put approx 5 drops into a clean spray bottle and fill it up with water. spray your face before bed time and see if that improves anything. tea tree oil is often used to kill bacteria and that can be effective for treating acne.

also, do you change your pillowcases often? do you sleep on your face? this can irritate your face and cause pimples... keep them clean!

if all else fails, i would contact a place that does facial procedures like "skin rejuvenation" and "microdermabrasions" these procedures cost anywhere from $100-$3000 and can really really improve your skin. there are lasers that go deep into your pores and kill acne.. its all a process that takes time and money.

well good luck and take care! keep in mind that every single person in the world has issues/problems... we just so happen to have ******* acne!! what can ya do?!!

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