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i can't believe how terrible and stubborn my comedones have been. the only time i've experienced great skin was for one month; which was a year and a few months after tazorac + clyndamycin (srry for any misspellings). clear baby smooth skin.

then i started steaming to get rid of my congested, still clogged up, but not serious; located on nose and cheeks. then i saw a forum on using scrubs....:dizzy:

then i broke out with a farm of comedones/skin colored whiteheads.
day after day my entire right cheek was getting worse. it was red and ugly.
as my comedones turned inflamed simultaneously i used a terrible methodthat people used(Apple cider vinegar diluted toner) , and I continued taz cream .05%. worse mistake EVER. i stopped ACV as soon as i realized this.
my derm was shocked, increased taz to gel .05%, then to .1%. it took several months. since october.. it continued to inflame.

right now my right cheek (i am Asian too. which sucks! SUCKS!!) is still recovering. i had cystic breakouts along the way. inflammed zits would inflam the comedones near by and if u are familiar with comedones you know that they like to screw with eachother, and they do so easily bc they are so CLOSE TOGETHER!

right now my hormones are being controlled. cystic acne is no longer an issue. (cystic acne is usually just caused by hormones which aid in exciting internal inflammation.)

i thought i was getting better; but my comedones are the source of my acne and they are stubborn. my cheeks are still infected by them and tazorac, which i've been on for almost 2 years now, and has not corrected my skins problem.
understand that Almost ALL inflammation now is from comedones. so any tiny pin like bumps that tend to spread scare me. right now it is acting up on my left cheek + forehead. not my right cheek, which is scarred. so my left cheek was spared back then, but i fear that this is no longer the case. my left cheek may face a huge change as well.

i've been neglecting my regime for a week. so yes,i understand that maybe the comedones worsoned due to this, and spread.
recently i've also been steaming. some of u will say steam is great for whiteheads, but i steamed be4 (and shd have learned) that it may be linked to the worsening of my whiteheads.
my scrub may have also encourage inflammation, but i barely touched it. i dones use scrubs anymore anyway. bc that was what began this terrible cycle that i can't seem to get out of..

[B]ladies and gents, why is tazorac gel .1% not correcting my closed comedones?[/B] it has been many months (since last year, october...) *since the day i began tazorac medication, 2 yrs ago*
i do not scrub. i only use clyndamycin *also 2 years w/ tazorac*, a manuka honey mask every week or so, wash with a basic drugstore cleanser, i do not use any makeup, i use a sulfer mask to spot treat (queen helene), and i use cetaphil cream to moisturize.

yet my nose is congested, and my chin and cheeks are littered with spreading comedones. so is my forehead.

[B]if you are a specialist, do u know why my comedones are not budging with tazorac?[/B] i know that tazorac 1) may cause irritation if too strong = comedones to inflammation 2) may not be for me...
[B]i dont know if tazorac is aggravating my skin. i do feel that tazorac has aided in reducing my acne, but all i know is that tazorac is not enough or not working well enough.[/B]

i recently purchased [B]AHA[/B] to try as spot treat bc sulfer doesn't really help, it only encourages red acne to form a head of white pus and may reduce the size a bit, but rarely it ever happens. i also have a [B]BHA[/B] from paulas choice 2%, but this scares me too.
[B]i've considered lessing the potency of taz gel to .05% and adding one of these. but is it worth doing? should i elimnate tazorac altogther? [/B]

what do you think? what can i do? i would like to hear anyones failure or success with tazorac. what you did, the aftermath, etc. thanks.

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