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I started getting bad acne when I was 18 and the last four years have been in a struggle where nothing seemed effective. I tried many different natural remedies - I was extremely hesitant to go with western medicine because of the toxicity associated with how they treat acne. I was just getting ready to give up on natural medicine and see a dermatologist - except what I'm doing seems to be helping.

I've been taking 4000 mg of EPA and DHA combined (fish oil) but you must read your labels - you won't get this high of a dose in one or two capsules. I actually take the liquid because it is cheaper and easier. Make sure you get a good brand from a health food store.

I've also been taking a probiotic containing about 20 billion CFUs of lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacter.

Topically, my naturopathic doctor compounded a 3% niacinamide gel for me to put on my face every morning and evening. In addition, I have been using a facial scrub to clean my face at night, and a gentle gel cleanser in the morning. This is important because you have way more "junk" on your face at night than you do in the morning. I've also been using a skin serum that contains some herbs and is 5% sulfur (bought at a health food store). It's a bit drying so I only use it at night. In the morning I put a little bit of 100% aloe vera on my face instead of a moisturizer.

I've been taking the supplements for about 2 months but they take time to build up and show results. The niacinamde has been about 3 weeks, the sulfur one week. The combination of the niacinamide and sulfur seems to be perfect for me - I didn't really have much success with one or the other, but they are awesome together! My face is nearly clear - I still have some scarring but it is much less red and inflammed, my skin is healing, and if I break out, its one or two tiny pimples that go away quickly! It's only been a week but it looks promising!

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