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So I am thinking about going on my third bout of Accutane. I have taken the meds all in pretty close time periods.

First time: I was a senior in high school and finished the treatment as soon as I went to college. My face was completely clear for about 6 months and then it minorly began to breakout and gradually got worse. but then by the end of my sophomore year it was very bad again.

Second Time: I do it again during the summer between my sophomore and junior year. I finish at the end of September. BUT it turns out I messed up the dosage and did not completely finish the course but I was close. Yet, my face was completely clear but once again gradually a pimple would show up, followed by another and another.

Now: I just finished my junior it has been roughly 8 months and my acne is becoming a concern again.

The Question: I want to try accutane again since it is the only thing that has ever worked. But I am concerned that I am poisoning my body by repeatedly putting my body through this (although I never had serious side effects besides dry lips). SO would health concerns be an issue? AND could this cure me permanently this time. I am about to turn 21 so I am sick of Acne, lets beat it.

Last Question: Since my acne isn't absolutely horrible now do you think a stint at Accutane would be even more effective in the long term??

Love to hear the advice

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