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Help!! I'm nearly 30 and have just broken out with horrific acne.

I had severe acne as a teenager, which I finally managed to get under control with Proactiv. After using it for 5 years, my skin has not been fabulous, but I haven't had acne.

I recently went to see a dermotologist, who told me that Proactiv is terrible for your skin and recommended "Aspect" and a course of microdermibrasion. Since starting the skincare and treatments, I have developed horrendous, painful acne, particularly under my chin and on my neck. It's 10x worse than I've ever had! They are large, red, solid and incredibly painful bumps. Right now I easily have 2 dozen pimples just on my neck alone.

I spoke to the dermatologist who said that it's just my skin "detoxing" and that it will get better with some persistence. I've been using the products for roughly 2 months and have had 3 microdermibrasion treatments so far.

My questions:
* Has anybody ever tried this skincare and had similar reactions?
* What is a reasonable period of time for my skin to "detox"? Is it worth continuing (the products are SO expensive!)?
* How can I get rid of it?!
I feel your pain! Treating acne seems to be a never ending battle. Two months seems like a long time for your skin to be detoxing. My brother started taking accutane a few months ago and his skin definitely went through a detox where the acne got worse for probably about 3 weeks before it finally started to dry out an clear up.

Besides the common medicines and over the counter treatments the link below has some great tips on simple life-style changes you can make to help your acne.

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Good luck! I know first hand how frustrating the quest for clear skin can be!

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