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I've been takin vits on and off for half my life it seems, and I never know if they have any effect on my acne. My current supplement regimen is:

1. [b]Nature's Aid cold pressed flaxseed oil[/b] (1000mg 3x daily with food)[i] since 2 weeks[/i]
2.[b] supermaket brand vitamin c[/b] (chewable, 1000mg, with food) [i]since 3 months[/i]
3. [bsupermarket brand ]vitamin e[/b] (400 i.u, with food)[i] since 1 month[/i]
4. [b]supermarket brand vitamin b complex[/b] (comprised of thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, b6, folic acid, b12, panothenic acid) [i]since 3 months, but am planning to phase it out because I think the vit b6 and b12 may be causing me to break out (not sure!) [/i]
5. [b]Pukka aloe vera juice[/b] (25ml daily)

1. vit d3 (liquid) because I spend most of the day inside
2. zinc picolinate (25mg, I'm cautious about starting at a higher dosage than that)
3. another form of vit b's (as yet do not know which but I'm concerned about b5 as it is linked to hair loss)
4. evening primrose capsules to regulate my imbalanced hormones (I have PCOS and cannot take oral contraceptives)

So, what's your verdict?
Is my regimen ok? Should I incorporate the other supplements that I'm considering? Should I be taking anything else? What would counteract what? So many questions lol.

Acne forums are awash with info and talk about vitamins, so much so that I don't know where to begin (how do you begin at the beginning when a beginning does not exist lol? There's a philosphical ponderance for you lol.) My GP believes supplements are effectively useless so will not advise me, and the people selling the supplements in shops would likely tell me anything in order to get my money.

If you can help, thanks in advance!

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