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Hey all-

I'm 27 y/o female, and I've been dealing with acne for about 10 yrs now... after everything I've tried, I found a method that works (for me)!

I believe that the key to keeping acne breakouts to a minimum is exfoliating. You need to clean your face and get rid of the oily, old skin cells, so they dont BLOCK your pores, causing pimples.

so this is my most recent method that seems to being doing good, alot better than what I've done in the past!


1.) Wash with Dr. Facesoap (complexion soap) - can be purchased online + shipped for around $17USD. This stuff is gentle, and you can feel your skin getting cleaned! *THE KEY thing I do when I wash, is to use a clean washcloth. I get it wet and put some of the soap on there, and gently exfoliate my cheeks/nose/forehead/chin with the washcloth. this helps smooth out your skins texture and get rid of blackheads.

2.) Apply a small tiny dab of Proactiv repairing gel. Let dry for about 5 min.

3.) Apply a small tab of the new Estee Lauder Idealist cream. This is kind of like a moisturizer, but at the same time it helps fade the red spots, and even out your skin tone. The key is not to use a lot, just a little dab - LESS IS MORE!


1.) Cleanse with Dr. Facesoap (no washcloth necessary)
2.) Proactive repairing gel

I dont use the Estee Lauder at night because 1x/day is enough!

*I also use the Ponds face wipes to take off my makeup.
*I change my pillowcases every 3 days.
*I wash with lukewarm water. Never hot - this can break capillaries in your face and lead to red marks.
*I steam my face for 5 min, then use the proactive clay mask 1x/week.
*I also try to have a microdermabrasion as often as possible to keep the wrinkles at bay and to smooth my skin. It's too expensive so I haven't been going as much as I'd like.

Hope this works for someone!

god bless!

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