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Re: Help!!!
Aug 5, 2011
[QUOTE=Radioactivcandy;4815982]So I don't ever get pimples but a few days ago I suddenly broke out with two. I know its not good but I popped both of them. Once I popped them they both grew larger. The one on my forehead is now a red mark which doesn't hurt. The one on my cheek is extremely sore and red. The skin around the pimple is rough and dry. I have no idea what to do, this has never happened to me before! is this normal?[/QUOTE]

Glad to hear you know you shouldn't pop your pimples...

Not so happy to hear you did it regardless of that..

Anyway... the pimples weren't probably ready to be popped, so when you squeezed them some of the puss might have ended up inside your skin, hence the redness and inflammation.

You should put something on them that would reduce these two things - redness and inflammation.

Some natural ways in which you can take care of this is to put honey or yogurt on it. Honey is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient and yogurt helps reduces redness and blemishes as well.

Try and make a quick facial mask out of 1 tsp of honey, 1 tsp of yogurt, mix them together and put them on your two red spots...

Leave on for 15 - 2 minutes... longer if you can... then rinse off with water.

make sure you have cleaned your face before applying the mask...

it won't make them disappear over night, but it should reduce the redness and swelling..

good luck

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