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Mild acne scarring
Sep 1, 2011
So here is the short story I have to share , I have mild acne scars ( about 3 ice picks and scattered box car scars ) , Almost 8 months ago I had fractional laser surgery done on my face , The results were amazing , My acne scars were unnoticeable and my skin tone had improved alot After one month my acne scars came back as bad as they were before the surgery , I have no idea why did that happened , My doctor told me that my scars were ver very very superficial and I only need one session , but here I'm after 8 months and 2 sessions and nothing has changed !! During this period I've tred some medicatin named acnecare and it did fade my scars alot !! actually while I was on it I could barely notice my scars ( except for the discoloration) but I had to stop using it as it dried my skin alot !! Even of everyone around me telling that my scars looks shallow and unnoticeable under makeup I can't live with them anymore !! I cry everyday thinking that I look ugly because of this stinky ugly scars !! I need to know what should I do to remove my acne scars or at least make them unnoticable as the results I had with fractional laser the first time I did it !! My doctor insist that my scars will vanish completely if I try fractional laser with deep fx ( I don't even know what that is ??) but I can't go through this again and fail !! I need to know how to get good results without paying alot of many for a one month of clear skin !! I'm thinking about tamanu oil and derma roller but I'm not sure !!! Please I need help :confused:

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